❤️ Love Your Boundaries

In the world of self-help and self-care, the term "boundaries" is often used as a personal tool. I think of boundaries as life jackets used for saving sanity in what can sometimes be the rough ocean of life. These boundaries we build for ourselves can be extremely transforming if one is looking for a sea change. The idea of personal [...]


The Vital 4’s… Before You Go Away and Everyday

I've always tried to be a positive person and I've always been a planner as well. I believe the more we age, the more we realize we can't control what happens in life and when things happen. I'm a "Hope for the best and plan for the worst" kind of gal. Sorry, but that is my truth. My guest contributor [...]


Fall in Love with Your Morning Routine

People often ask me how I start my day. Maybe they are curious about what an organizer might do for "First Things First..." So I'll share my personal morning rituals because they were probably in response to mourings that inched their way into my life. As we all experience life challenges, I feel we have to pivot so we bend [...]


What To Do For Me in 2023: Organize Your Calendar by Putting Yourself First

I hope you all had a less stressful year than I did in 2022! I thought I had implemented enough "self-care", but if I'm being honest with myself I'm not so sure. So, this year I want to ensure that I block out all the time and activities that make me feel whole and balanced. I'm thinking that if I [...]


Don’t Be Spooked by the Subject of Money

My colleague Tracy Byrnes of USB recently stated the following 5 statements below at a women's networking event. I'd like to elaborate on them from both professional organizing experiences as well as personal. 1. U.S. women control more than $10 trillion in household financial assets – and that amount may triple in the next ten years – that means we [...]


How Do I Get My Home in Shape for Selling or Dwelling? Introducing POSSE’s MAPP™

It happens every month. I am hired for a "Whole-Home Decluttering Project." Whether the clients want to sell or dwell, the fact is the entire house needs to be decluttered. So where does one start on a multi-bedroom home where indeed many different family members have lived (or are still living) after decades "of life" -- which probably includes lots [...]


Mission Statements Should be Called Passion Commitments

Back in my 20's, I had the privilege and mind-altering experience in my business career to learn and set goals. I wrote them down and saw the results. My efforts were measured and a critical part of my annual review. I was critiqued on my performance based on company goals. The expectations were spoken to me, written down and signed [...]


Are You Ready for a “COVID” Winter?

I write this November article selfishly. I often use my work to work on things I need to improve on. As many of my readers know, I recently downsized during the pandemic. The real estate transaction and actual move were easy peasy. What was a hardship was renovating the older home we were moving into. The arduous months from March [...]


The Perks of a Paper Planner

I have been using a paper planner my entire professional life. Ok, don't laugh at me but I can remember getting excited each fall as I picked out a new one for the following year. This particular purchase really does make me happy (and productive). I did try to go digital over the years as I was feeling behind and [...]



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