Life Inventory

The Vital 4’s… Before You Go Away and Everyday

I've always tried to be a positive person and I've always been a planner as well. I believe the more we age, the more we realize we can't control what happens in life and when things happen. I'm a "Hope for the best and plan for the worst" kind of gal. Sorry, but that is my truth. My guest contributor [...]


Estate Paperwork Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

I met my colleague Eileen Moynahan at a National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) meeting and immediately liked her niche, "estate-administration organizing." After reading her book, I asked her to be a guest writer for my newsletter. So, read on for some awesome tips to take some of the fear out of estate paperwork after a loved one [...]


Online Auctions -A New Twist on an Old Way of Selling

Recently I was hired by a client and asked to "organize" and empty the contents of a property. My client was the executor of the will for this home and the homeowner had recently passed away. During my initial walk through, I noticed a voluminous amount of "stuff". The previous homeowner had been born in this house and inherited it [...]


It’s Been How Long Since You’ve Updated Your Will?

I got one of those voice messages last month that you never forgot. You probably know the kind, it's the inflection of the messenger that when you listen to the recording, you think to yourself that something terrible has happened and the person leaving you the message desperately needs to talk to you in person… So, this is the story [...]


Rein in the Retail… IF You Truly Want to Get & Stay Organized

Have you noticed how easy it is to shop for anything these days? Food, clothes, medications, toys, gifts, furniture  -- even a house can be scoped out on the web. You can easily spot the delivery trucks everywhere now too. All those white trucks delivering Amazon packages or brown UPS trucks and even colorful produce-images on grocery trucks. Many people [...]


This Special Season… You’ll Be Thankful If You Have, “The Conversation”

Lately we have been working with more mature senior clients (those over 80) in the throes of downsizing. One of their biggest stresses comes from deciding who should be getting what relative to: High Value Items Treasured Family Memorabilia Vital Documents So we'd like to encourage you this holiday season while you are spending lots of time (hopefully) with your [...]


Going, Going, Gone…to an Auction House!

Recently, my Northern New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) held a "field trip" at Nye & Co. in Bloomfield. I wanted to share my first experience at this auction house with you my readers. I have a secret -- until recently, none of POSSE's clients had ever inquired about this type of selling their home [...]


Life Insurance Not Up to Date? Now that’s Scary!

You probably all know that last month was National Preparedness Month. With that being said, watching the evening news between dams breaching, six-alarm fires and massacres, I thought I'd offer my clients a few tidbits on getting their life insurance up-to-date. Trick or Treat The treat is if you are (or have been in the past) a client of POSSE's, [...]


“What the heck is a Life Inventory”

Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you properly take care of your important information! A few years ago I met a woman named Carol Kaufman. Carol had joined NAPO-Northern New Jersey of which I am a member. Carol’s personal story of why she created computer software to house people’s “Life Inventory” resonated with me. […]

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