❤️ Love Your Boundaries

In the world of self-help and self-care, the term "boundaries" is often used as a personal tool. I think of boundaries as life jackets used for saving sanity in what can sometimes be the rough ocean of life. These boundaries we build for ourselves can be extremely transforming if one is looking for a sea change. The idea of personal [...]


How Artificial Intelligence Might Help with Back to School & Workplace Productivity

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately. And with the recent launch at the end of 2022 of the innovative platform called ChatGPT a new type of technology (generative AI) is exploding! It might make you wonder what it’s all about and how this technology can be applied in your life. Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that encompasses [...]


JM’s “Food” Organization Suggestion this Summer

Two years ago this month we renovated our kitchen. It was the first time I ever got to pick out everything from scratch... including the appliances. We picked a really nice stove in my opinion. The only thing is, it is a really hot oven/stove, and I mean hot! Even in the frigid wintertime when I cook I have to [...]


Done is Better than None

Last month I had the privilege of going to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) live conference in Baltimore. In one of the sessions which was on procrastination, the speaker had a slide called, Done is Better than None. Can you guess what it meant? For me, it meant that completing a task without it being perfect and just [...]


The Perks of a Paper Planner

I have been using a paper planner my entire professional life. Ok, don't laugh at me but I can remember getting excited each fall as I picked out a new one for the following year. This particular purchase really does make me happy (and productive). I did try to go digital over the years as I was feeling behind and [...]


Boost Your Inbox Immunity (especially during a pandemic!)

I was in a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting and we were discussing the increased number of emails that we receive. It appears that many businesses and personal communications are being delivered via this platform due to our stay-at-home order. So, this month I bring you three tips to keep your email inbox healthy based on your personal and/or business [...]


We All Need to Delegate!

I remember when I just started my business almost 15 years ago. I was attempting (poorly) to create a monthly newsletter. I could write it easily and joyfully enough, but my technology skills were not up to business standards. Ditto for my website. Actually, what I was finding was that many small business skills were popping up that I was [...]


Does Your Home Need a Receiving & Shipping Space?

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I see a trend that we all know about... online shopping. I'm sure the advantages of this convenience go without saying for our holidays but do you have an area in your home designated as a "Receiving & Shipping" area? When I was in my former corporate days we had a Shipping & Receiving Department. Well, I think [...]


POSSE’S 5 Favorite Organizing & Productivity Tips

In this article, I'm sharing a tip sheet I recently used as a give-a-way. What I love about these five tips is they work really well for both organizing and productivity. Extended Memory – "When You Think It, Ink It" Use a calendar, planner, To Do lists; whatever it takes to remember what it is you would like to accomplish. [...]

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