The Perks of a Paper Planner

I have been using a paper planner my entire professional life. Ok, don't laugh at me but I can remember getting excited each fall as I picked out a new one for the following year. This particular purchase really does make me happy (and productive). I did try to go digital over the years as I was feeling behind and [...]


Every House Should File These…

I had a very interesting phone conversation with a colleague of mine who is in the mortgage business. He is extremely organized -- both physically and digitally. He told me that when he was on vacation in California a relative of his contracted Shingles and he wanted to confirm that his son had been immunized against the Chicken Pox virus. [...]


Don’t Touch Me Unless You Mean It

Last month I presented my Clutter Busters class to a couple of different audiences. Both times I used the picture above in my presentation. Now time management usually isn't quite as exciting as a romantic, candlelit dinner for two so I needed to grab your attention.  But, just like you might not want to start an intimate relationship without knowing [...]


Organizing Mom Over the Summer

Before this summer I wrote personally about my mother's situation and how I hired a professional organizer in Florida to help her. My mom had lost her partner last July after 25 years of togetherness and is handicapped to boot. When she came to visit this me this summer, it was such a whirlwind of "organizing" tasks that I wanted to [...]


Life Insurance Not Up to Date? Now that’s Scary!

You probably all know that last month was National Preparedness Month. With that being said, watching the evening news between dams breaching, six-alarm fires and massacres, I thought I'd offer my clients a few tidbits on getting their life insurance up-to-date. Trick or Treat The treat is if you are (or have been in the past) a client of POSSE's, [...]


“What the heck is a Life Inventory”

Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you properly take care of your important information! A few years ago I met a woman named Carol Kaufman. Carol had joined NAPO-Northern New Jersey of which I am a member. Carol’s personal story of why she created computer software to house people’s “Life Inventory” resonated with me. […]



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