10 Encouraging “Pruning” Questions for Springtime Decluttering

I personally love spring cleaning and decluttering after a winter season and usually a rainy, raw March. Often people struggle with the decision-making of items in their spaces and places when determining "should it stay or should it go"? So, here are some good questions to ask yourself if you are trying to trim back your inside clutter before you [...]


“Getting to Sold” Event

Our “Getting To Sold” events have not only become a great place to attain quality resources and network, but how can you go wrong with great refreshments and a delicious chocolate fountain?! Don’t miss out on our next event on Tuesday evening, April 25th... Email for more info or RSVP to attend here.


Making Decisions Moves Us Forward and Puts the Past Behind

Last month I got an emergency call from a senior move manager I work with. She hurriedly explained she needed 2-3 Junklugger trucks immediately because her clients just had a pipe burst in their basement. She had just started decluttering with this couple the day before to help them with their downsize expedition after decades of living in their home. This couple [...]


Did You Know that POSSE Can Organize a Home Even if Someone is Not Living There?

Organizing is organizing, and occasionally I get a project when the homeowner has passed. Recently, I had a project where my client lived out of state, but needed help with a deceased relative's house here in Bergen County. I realized that many readers might not know I do this, or even that POSSE could be a huge resource in this [...]


Urge to Purge… It’s Springtime!

Does the warm weather bring you a new felt energy to "let go," declutter, clean, reorganize and revisit setting up your spaces inside and out? It certainly does for me, and I see it in my clients too. We all seem to enjoy the change of season with longer, brighter days seen both with our eyes and felt in [...]


Don’t Let Your Garage (or Any Other Space in Your House) Scare You…

My client Elisabeth invited me over this summer to help her get her two-bay garage in order. Years of procrastination had led to a non-functional space that was poorly utilized for family and work needs. In three hours we turned this large space into delightful instead of frightful. We created "Homes & Zones" where anyone in the family would know [...]


Does Your Home Need a Receiving & Shipping Space?

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I see a trend that we all know about... online shopping. I'm sure the advantages of this convenience go without saying for our holidays but do you have an area in your home designated as a "Receiving & Shipping" area? When I was in my former corporate days we had a Shipping & Receiving Department. Well, I think [...]



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