“Getting to Sold” Event

Our “Getting To Sold” events have not only become a great place to attain quality resources and network, but how can you go wrong with great refreshments and a delicious chocolate fountain?! Don’t miss out on our next event on Tuesday evening, April 25th... Email for more info or RSVP to attend here.


Organize as if You Could Move-on-a-Dime!

I've been told by several Realtors that the spring market starts right after Superbowl Sunday. Getting a property ready for sale is when most people decide to do major purging, but what if we lived like we knew we would be moving soon? I find this perspective of not only "what if" I was going to move soon, but also [...]


How Do I Get My Home in Shape for Selling or Dwelling? Introducing POSSE’s MAPP™

It happens every month. I am hired for a "Whole-Home Decluttering Project." Whether the clients want to sell or dwell, the fact is the entire house needs to be decluttered. So where does one start on a multi-bedroom home where indeed many different family members have lived (or are still living) after decades "of life" -- which probably includes lots [...]


Did You Know that POSSE Can Organize a Home Even if Someone is Not Living There?

Organizing is organizing, and occasionally I get a project when the homeowner has passed. Recently, I had a project where my client lived out of state, but needed help with a deceased relative's house here in Bergen County. I realized that many readers might not know I do this, or even that POSSE could be a huge resource in this [...]


5 Quick Moving Tips for Moving Day

Since I currently have many clients moving this month, I thought I’d give you all some of my favorite moving tips. And if you are not moving, but simply want to declutter your home this summer, here is my favorite tip for you – PRETEND YOU’RE MOVING! Specialty Boxes – Designate the following boxes or customize your own... A MedsAid [...]


Moving Mom…

Many of you might remember that two years ago I wrote about Organizing Mom. That was the summer my mother lost her partner Don whom she had been with for over 25 years, the last 12 years in Florida. The article reflected the organizing tasks taken when one falls into a widow’s situation. This summer I helped move my mom from [...]



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