“Pitch-It Party” – A Seasonal Tradition for Clutter-Free Homes

For many people, summer starts a new chapter in a child’s life because something has ended… such as a grade, a school, maybe even a job. But before the tides of the ocean sweep you and your family away into vacation mode, take the time to rid your home of the now “closed chapter” so when you return from your [...]


Back to School/ or Even Just Small Spaces…

For many, September is Back to School time. For some, this means helping their children get the most utilization out of a dorm room. But the same principles that apply to creating function in a small dorm room transfer to any small space. When creating an organized space in any area of your home or (home-away-from-home) that you feel is [...]


Are You Ready?

September is National Preparedness Month so I wanted to review a few tips since many of my clients are unprepared for any event that brings down their electrical power or wreaks havoc on their houses. Here is a link to the FEMA checklist on how to prepare yourself and your home for a disaster. I'm going to highly recommend you, [...]


Dating Is Not Just For Couples…

(this article is for parents/caregivers of school-age children) So how are you doing with Back-to-School? Is your child (children) having any organizational hiccups? Most of them will whether it’s forgetting their lunches, their instruments on lesson day or homework assignments left in a locker after the carpool is completed. This is all part of learning to think ahead; time management [...]


5 Tips for (Young) Children’s Plethora of Artwork

1. Create an “Art Gallery” area in your home. This could be: Part of a wall honoring their work A clipboard for each child’s creation A magnetic area of paint so you can hang up each day’s designs with magnets. A square area such as framed-in molding, corkboard, cork strips, a French Memo Board, a Magnetic strip etc. String your [...]


5 Must Have Tools for Back-to-School

Everyone in a family feels the tension and excitement as children head back to school. Adhering to these concepts in September will help children and adults feel organized and at ease about new routines: 1. Hold fun family meetings to set clear expectations and for good communication. 2. Create and adhere to “House Rules” such as: Determine in advance bedtime [...]


Kids Bedroom Tips

As “Back-to-School” is upon everyone’s mind, most parents, caregivers and children will be organizing a child’s bedroom in preparation for this fall. Here are some tips and suggestions for our young people’s bedrooms to help us all stay organized and tidy: Tuck PJ’s underneath the pillow or have a designated hook for “slightly worn” pajamas. (Determine in advance how long [...]


Summer “Wrap Up” For Older Students

Last time I blogged on the summer Wrap Up for younger students and the importance of organizing what comes home in June before September rolls around. Even our older children could use a hand organizing their papers and possessions. If you have a high school or college child you’ll probably have more paper and things to save rather than memorabilia. [...]


Summer “Wrap Up” For Young Students

Summer is in full swing. One of the skills I always transfer to my clients is “The Wrap Up”. Once you finish something, finish it completely. For example, when you come home from vacation, empty your suitcases right away and restock your travel toiletry bag. Realistically it only takes a few minutes to do the above but many people will [...]


Travel Tips & Tricks: Vacations with Children

This is the fourth blog in a series on Travel Tips & Tricks. Today’s topic is on VACATIONS WITH CHILDREN. Before you even think about heading out the door on vacation this summer, plan, plan and plan. You will be very thankful you did. A huge key to organization is in the planning stage. Here are 15 bullet points to [...]



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