Your Master Action Property Plan (MAPP™) Resources

Congratulations on the purchase of your MAPP™ – The key to beating sale-prep stress

This is your convenient digital download designed to help you gather all the details, stay focused, and keep you on track for a quick and profitable home sale.

Prepare your home more efficiently for listing

I created my Master Action Property Plan™ as the central place to record critical information so you can move ahead toward listing your home with less stress and greater ease. It is easy to use and customize to your needs and organizes your process of determining what to do and when. Like any project, having a checklist to gather and prioritize all your information in one area is vital for managing all the tasks generated in the planning process (which can be hundreds!).

Below are the MAPP™ instructions for your customizable template and detailed example so you can create your personal action plan specific to your property and needs. You can now enter all your tasks (and add as needed), who will do them and by when, with line items for each room/space—from cosmetic updates to closet cleanouts.


There are two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  1. Example
  2. Mine

A detailed example of a MAPP™ is on the first tab called, Example. The second tab called Mine, is where you can customize your unique property details. Simply click from tab to tab with your mouse in order to change your view from the Example tab to the Mine tab.

mapp examplePlease read through the Example tab completely. It will help you generate profitable preparation ideas for your sale.

Next, go to the Mine tab. Whether you choose to print out the template or go digital, walk through your entire property with your MAPP™, entering in all particulars for each space. Consider the individual tasks, who will be responsible for the completion of the assignment, and by when.

Once your list is complete with all the inside and outside spaces, tasks, who’s accountable, and by when, your MAPP™ is ready. Communicate to those supporting you and schedule these To Do’s into your calendar/planner. Edit your MAPP™ regularly, updating/adjusting your project as you get closer to your listing date. By consistently taking action and following up on your MAPP™, you have a plan to succeed.

Congratulations! You are well on your way to being ready to list your home for market by following your MAPP™.