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Debbie Barnett
Debbie Barnett
May 3, 2024.
POSSE Partners is fabulous! Jean Marie turned an overwhelming move into a clear, easy to implement plan. She’s kind and listens to all concerns while maintaining a problem-solving focus. By the end of our session, every single item was accounted for. We even had time to figure out a good furniture layout to optimize workflow in our new space. Definitely the most efficient, cost effective, and pleasant way to handle a move. Highly recommend!
Lisa Sammataro
Lisa Sammataro
April 24, 2024.
As a local Realtor, I have worked with and referred Jean Marie Herron to many clients who are readying their homes for the market and/or in the process of moving. Jean Marie is a force of nature! She can accomplish in an hour what would take a mere mortal a day to accomplish. Prepping a home for sale, dealing with years of accumulated stuff, grappling with the emotional aspects of a move, it can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Jean Marie makes order and calm out of chaos and overwhelm. She is cheerful and empathetic, she works well with all ages and personalities, and she is beloved and appreciated by everyone who has the pleasure of working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Steve Danziger
Steve Danziger
April 4, 2024.
Jean Marie is part psychologist, part magician, part friend and mostly the best organizer ever!!! She assisted us removing 50 years of clutter as we downsized to our new home. She helped us feel accomplished and changed our mindset about “stuff”. There was never pressure or any negative emotion. We can highly recommend Jean Marie. Her energy and smile are contagious!
Ward H. Blackwell
Ward H. Blackwell
October 13, 2023.
Jean Marie is an absolute must for any home. You have a sloppy room that you can't seem to get organized correctly. Call her ASAP.
Marsha Fixler
Marsha Fixler
December 15, 2021.
Jean Marie Herron (Possee Partners) is an amazing person who is willing to go the 100 percent to help her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a well thought out organized system which she has put in place and is willing to share it with her clients. She is pleasant to listen to and work with. To know her is to like her. She has both the knowledge and capability of doing a well thought out organized plan for her clients and her years of work in this area is proof of this.
s barb
s barb
July 21, 2021.
Jean Marie of POSSE Partners is an organizing genius and expert in her field- the best! We have known Jean Marie for many years and her organizing service only gets better with time. She is helpful in all areas of organizing; household, time, paper, business etc, etc, She is a delight to work with; non-judgmental, funny, direct, honest and sincere. We highly recommend POSSE Partners.
Lilly R-Farhang
Lilly R-Farhang
June 13, 2021.
Jean Marie made a hugely positive impact during a difficult time in my life. She magically and beautifully made me feel at home by creating homes for everything in my home. Forever grateful to my very own Mary Poppins!
Cathy Savino
Cathy Savino
April 17, 2021.
I have been working with Jean Marie of Posse Partners LLC for about 5 years. My first visit was after my husband passed away. I had to figure out what to do with his belongings. Jean Marie was so kind and understanding, she made a daunting task simple. After that day I began using her services to get rid of the clutter in my home and give everything remaining a “home”. At least once a year I have her come in to help me purge the things that I am no longer using and organize what I am. She is a warm and compassionate woman and the changes we make to my environment are amazing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services.
Karen Hughes
Karen Hughes
February 17, 2021.
Jean Marie is a true Professional. Her organization tools and tips are items that I keep on my desk everyday and refer to. She is a great resource for organizing not only your home but your memorabilia and life! She always make me want to organize every room in my home and my calendar. Thank You Jean Marie!
Sal from RE/MAX Poliandro
Sal from RE/MAX Poliandro
February 17, 2021.
Jean Marie is an awesome lady. She has helped me personally and also with numerous Real Estate clients. Worth her weight in Gold!

Hand Written Testimonials


“I couldn’t have pared down to downsize my home without Jean Marie and POSSE. We were under a tight time frame, we had way too much to go through and disseminate — and the task was too overwhelming to even start. PERIOD.

Jean Marie came in and set the tone for letting go of the “things” that were weighing us down in a thoughtful, kind and focused approach the whole time telling me how to change my thinking of what I had to keep. Her work ethic is as solid as they get – she arrives on time, on schedule, with all her tools ready to work and even carries stuff to the curb on her way out!

In five, half-day sessions, we took the contents of two homes (a vacation home that had been sold several years prior to this move, and a decent sized colonial) and organized the contents, making the move to a smaller home manageable and possible!

I still hear her voice as I set up my new home, encouraging good habits from the beginning this time!

POSSE was a great find! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

~ Maureen - Pearl River, NY

“Dear Jean Marie,

Our move wouldn’t have been the satisfying transition it was without your guidance and help. From the very first closet to be weeded out and organized, to the supervision of the moving team on moving day, your cool head and sensible direction made the whole process a positive one.

Leaving our home of 47 years was daunting, until you came on board. Thank you so much for your kind heart and expertise.

Your finishing touches of finding us an excellent organizer in Cambridge to help with settling in was masterful.

With our hearty thanks and warm wishes!”

~ Delight & Paul - Ridgewood, NJ


“Jean Marie made my move so easy with her positive attitude and can-do approach to any questions. I recently relocated from New Jersey to Montana. I had been in my house for 22 years and even though I am fairly organized, moving is so much work. My advice is ‘Don’t go it alone.’  Jean Marie streamlined the entire process for me.

I appreciated Jean Marie’s advice on how to prepare for the move. Working side by side with her turned drudgery tasks into fun during the sorting phase and stopped me from procrastinating on the tasks that needed to be done. She had all the referrals I needed for moving which saved a lot of my time. She understood how to pack on this side to make the unpacking smooth. Thank goodness we made a clear inventory because I needed to use it when the movers forgot to label and inventory a few of my boxes. Her inventory approach also made it easy to direct the movers about where each box/item needed to go in my new home.

I would highly recommend working with Jean Marie on any move, as she provides the right guidance and support during a stressful time.”

~ Mary - Ridgewood, NJ

Moving In and Setting Up a Home

“Jean Marie is an exemplary organizer with whom I was so fortunate to have crossed paths nearly four years ago.

With a huge move coming from the West Coast, I had found myself overwhelmed with stuff. JM graciously offered me her business card and within a week we were working together. She has a systematic approach to tackling all tasks! I am always amazed by the work that gets finished in such a short amount of time. Her time management skills and professional approach have been crucial to finalizing each project. My storage area was organized within 1 day!  Belongings that I no longer needed or wanted were purged from my home.  I didn’t have to think about where they were going, it was all taken care of!

The professionalism that she exudes is refreshing. I trust her with my most confidential paperwork/ belongings. Jean Marie has given me the great piece of mind, time and time again, project after project!  She stepped into my home and will forever hold a place in my heart.”

~ Karen - Franklin Lakes, NJ

As a real estate agent, I am constantly learning from Jean Marie in order to better serve my clients. Her teachings are invaluable.

I have also availed myself of her expertise and I have been her client. I was paralyzed when it came to getting my home ready for a move. There was so much to do and think about that I couldn’t focus. It is much different to help someone organize and downsize than to do it for yourself, Jean Marie was wonderful. In less than 2 hours I had my list and resources and now I am well on my way. I recommend her without reservation. She is a marvel!

~ Rona Wosk

Estate Organizing

“Jean Marie Herron of POSSE Partners significantly assisted me through the process of cleaning out my mother’s house. Though difficult at times, Jean Marie gave me permission to let go. She is very caring, understanding, patient and supportive. I never felt like I was being pushed (to donate or throw out) the excess belongings. In fact, I am surprised by how much I was able to let go of! Without Jean Marie’s assistance, I probably would have kept much more and it would have taken me ten times longer to complete. She also had many suggestions for organizing, which I found very helpful.

I would highly recommend POSSE Partners to cut the clutter and get organized.”

~ Sandra - Ridgewood, NJ

“Jean Marie, you are so much more than a professional organizer… You are an organizational therapist!”

~ Cindy Myer, President of Ridgewood Moving Services

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Our organizing company can be instrumental in helping homeowners declutter the contents of their house. Not only do you make money on the sale but you can save hundreds in disposal costs.


“I met Jean Marie Herron at a real estate seminar where she introduced me to the field of professional organizing. I was extremely impressed by her dynamic presentation and became interested in attending her workshops.

The first workshop I attended was called ‘Paper, Paper, Everywhere.’ Since I was drowning in paper clutter, it was a perfect start. Jean Marie’s demonstration of the tickler file was a life saver. I soon incorporated this tool into my daily life and developed a workable system for paper organization. This experience was only the beginning of a very special relationship. Jean Marie came to my home and worked with me on several organization projects. She assisted me in going through the ‘piles of files’ I had accumulated over many years. She also helped me organize my clothing, closets, and dresser drawers. Jean Marie’s mantra, SSPOE (sort, select, purge, organize, and equalize), has become an integral part of my thinking and planning.

My godmother became very ill at the beginning of 2014 and I had to sell her co-op apartment. It was cluttered and full of decades of belongings. I began cleaning out the apartment with my sisters. When I realized that it was a gargantuan task, I became despondent. One phone call to POSSE brought me back to reality; Jean Marie came to my rescue. She served as my anchor as she led me through the process of de-cluttering, donating, and selecting items for family members.

Jean Marie Herron is an exemplary businesswoman who provides service with a heart. She is a no-nonsense, hard-working and driven professional; however, she has not lost her connection to humanity. She is compassionate, empathetic, kind and caring. She was extremely supportive to me at a very difficult time in my life. She accompanied me on a very difficult journey; her positive attitude, boundless energy, and creative spirit helped lead the way to completion of a herculean project.

Jean Marie demonstrates her continued commitment to her clients via informative e-mails, newsletters and educational workshops. She is an inspiration to all those who know her and work with her.”

Carol - Teaneck, NJ

Residential Organizing

“I love working with Jean Marie Herron from POSSE Partners! She not only knows the best way to take my space and organize the stuff to fit into it properly, she teaches me a system for keeping it up to date! My kitchen cabinets were organized by POSSE years ago are still holding up! Jean Marie helps me figure it out all the way through the process of cleaning up my clutter. Highly recommended. She is fantastic!”

~ Betsy - Ramsey, NJ

“I am just LOVING my new garages and all the space we created. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work and guidance. Anyone who has seen the transformation can’t believe we accomplished what we did in one morning. You are the BEST and I will be using the Posse system for LIFE 🙂 Thank you!!!”

~ Elisabeth Wolfson

Workplace Productivity

One of the things I do poorly as a business owner is social media. I’ll admit it, this is where I’m less than professional, but my clients are not! Therefore, I asked permission to reprint this recommendation from a new client of mine:

“I am the worst when it comes to being organized… I used to just make piles all over the house, unable to find a place for everything from all the aspects of my busy, overloaded life. POSSE is the absolute best solution! After one session, I learned so much about what my mess really is and how to manage it all with simple systems that fit who I am and how I tend to operate. I have to admit I was a bit fearful at first to show anyone my real mess but Jean Marie was so kind and unbelievably patient… And Super Prepared!! I am so grateful for this experience and can’t wait for our next session. Highly, highly recommend.”

~ Elisabeth - Midland Park, NJ, The Yoga Salon Experience,

“Jean Marie is great, organized, helpful, has good ideas, always on time, works fast and works hard! There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about POSSE’s organizing sessions. I don’t think the service could be improved. I chose Jean Marie because I knew she was a good Christian woman – I really like her a lot!”

~ Gail - Fair Lawn, NJ


“I began to organize my mother’s possessions with Jean Marie’s classes as she began her POSSE business. It was her calm demeanor that helped us through this process; what to save, what to keep, and most importantly, what to discard. We had a four-bedroom colonial which means a large basement and for us, 30 years of accumulation . . . this was a big problem!

Well, we met Jean Marie in her organizing discussion groups, in public classes and in private sessions. We slowly donated, discarded, and sold enough to move mom to a one-bedroom apartment. It was a process that we could not have completed without the techniques, direction, and support of POSSE.”

~ Valerie - Hillsdale, New Jersey


“I first met Jean Marie at a Ramsey Adult Education class called, ‘Paper Paper Everywhere!’ Since then, I learned from her as she lectured at local libraries on a multitude of topics. She then organized a POSSE’s Pen for us to learn and share our issues in a confidential setting.

I hired Jean Marie several times over the years I have known her. Her approach made so much sense to me but I was unable to tackle the ‘dirty areas’ – garage, attic and basement. We would work 3 hours together using her SSPOE strategy, allowing ½-hour for cleanup and removal. In addition, I asked her to help with organizing my files. I was a compulsive filer but kept everything in alphabetical order. One of her suggestions was to divide my system into four categories: financial, medical, personal, and reference. This made sense to me as I found it easier to retrieve, use, and put papers away when I was done using them.”

~ Sue - Mahwah, NJ

A “Whole Home Decluttering” Letter

A Recent Letter from One of Our Clients…

Hi Jean Marie…

Sorry, I got a little distracted with our neighbor when you were leaving. I had wanted to give you a goodbye hug. I really appreciated your help, along with your encouraging reminders of all that was and will continue to be accomplished.

Right after you left, I went back up to the bedroom/office and was looking at the two boxes (of CDs) on top of the dresser that we hadn’t sorted . . . I thought of the “two-minute” rule and the “just do it” Nike commercial, and I’m happy to report . . . I completed that task. I then looked at the books I had decided to keep, and removed a bunch from the pile to add to my donation pile for Lupus. That concluded all the visual clutter in the office and felt good, really good!

When I came downstairs, I had to go into the pantry and was again reminded of “all” that was accomplished, since we began working together. Major areas: the pantry, the attic, the basement and the office . . . then, the small bathroom that I decluttered after our first session. Clothes from three bedrooms, items from the kitchen cabinets . . . lots of stuff donated to Lupus and Ditto for resale — sports memorabilia for a former co-worker and my best friend’s grandson, memorabilia our children/grandchildren enjoyed looking at that resulted in “some” keepsakes for them, and thankfully (for our children) more throwaways than keepsakes. LOL!

All in all, I feel less burdened and less overwhelmed, knowing that I am not burdening our children with this cleanup task. I’m enjoying the trip down memory lane with my many photos. I’m thrilled that my husband is happy with the progress and has fully embraced his job as Director of Shredding. Personally, I think this huge amount of shredding gives him “hope” that this purging/decluttering just may last this time!

He asked me when you were coming again; I said, “We’re done for now,” and he mentioned the main floor. I then asked, “What’s wrong with the downstairs?” and his quick response was the Christmas decorations. I said, “Hon, I can, put away decorations!” I guess he’s remembering last year and how the filled boxes of decorations remained stacked in the dining room for most of the year because I was going to “first” declutter the attic. Never happened, but what did happen was that I became increasingly depressed. My husband is a man of few words, but his non-verbals speak volumes. I don’t think he fully embraced all we decluttered this past month, even though he saw the many bags of garbage put at the curb and was fully aware of my many trips to the Lupus warehouse. What he did witness first-hand was me (sitting with him in the evening) purging two desk drawers of outdated paper and creating current files, properly labeled. I guess he’s liking the end results and wants it to continue.

Now, I just pray to keep the momentum moving forward; I needed someone other than my husband or friend to help me. For me, what made this work was a combination of paying for the service, having some mutual control of what stays and what goes, but mostly being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could not will myself to do this alone, I didn’t want a friend or relative helping me, yet, I was willing and ready to work with outside help. You, Jean Marie, were my light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Thank you!

Your suggestion with regard to a calendar for appointments, a daily to-do list, a tickler file, and the medical journal were great suggestions, but, I couldn’t have done them without first decluttering. The clutter overpowered everything in my life, even all my many, many blessings. I like slogans/tips to inspire me; I have been using the two-minute rule.

I’ll close by sharing an experience I had with the medical journal, after only two entries. Today was my second trip to a doctor’s appointment with the journal. I called the doctor’s office on Wednesday for an appointment today (Thursday). I was given a few time choices and took 3:30, because of us working together from 10am-1pm. When we arrived at the office to check in, the receptionist mentioned the appointment was for 3. I responded by saying I thought it was for 3:30. There was never any doubt that my husband would be seen, but I decided to pull out my book to check, and then showed the receptionist that I had written down 3:30, the mutually agreed upon time. I knew I was right, but my calendar confirmed that . . . LOL. On a more serious note, I really like the idea of the medical journal; it takes all the “stuff” I try to remember and rarely do out of my head and onto the paper to be forgotten, until needed. This tip alone was a super suggestion. Thanks, Jean Marie.

Once again, sincerely . . . THANK YOU.

PS: Hubby just asked me what I was doing and I said I was writing you a thank you note and he said, “She sure moves quickly.” I’m pretty sure that was meant to be a compliment; like I said, my husband is a man of few words . . . probably, why we’re still married, after more than 50 years. LOL

~ Carol - Hawthorne, NJ


“POSSE is the Pinnacle!

Jean Marie is an invaluable member/resource of the RealSource Association of REALTORS. She has shared her organizational expertise with many audiences here and receives rave reviews.

Jean Marie organizes and educates the members and staff at our Association and has also organized our working space for better productivity.

She is the ultimate professional and just a lovely person to work with.”

Suzan Koren, CEO, RealSource Association of REALTORS®

“Jean Marie Herron presented a Lunch & Learn called “Organizing 101.” She brought a wealth of organizing and productivity solutions to our organization.

Even in a room full of chemists, she kept everyone focused and energized on what has the potential to be a dry topic. Jean Marie brought real-life solutions to common problems we all face, both in the workplace and at home. The staff was excited about what they learned and returned to their offices motivated to put their desks in order and systems in place. I would recommend Jean Marie for any speaking opportunity requiring a passionate and motivating educator!”

Tami Kramer, Corporate Communications Specialist, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties