10 Encouraging “Pruning” Questions for Springtime Decluttering

I personally love spring cleaning and decluttering after a winter season and usually a rainy, raw March. Often people struggle with the decision-making of items in their spaces and places when determining "should it stay or should it go"? So, here are some good questions to ask yourself if you are trying to trim back your inside clutter before you [...]


Making Decisions Moves Us Forward and Puts the Past Behind

Last month I got an emergency call from a senior move manager I work with. She hurriedly explained she needed 2-3 Junklugger trucks immediately because her clients just had a pipe burst in their basement. She had just started decluttering with this couple the day before to help them with their downsize expedition after decades of living in their home. This couple [...]


Spring Ahead with Your Personal Memorabilia

Memorabilia is a typical household category that yanks on our emotions. Our memories could include photos, furniture, clothing, trophies, guns, trinkets, teeth, etc. People save special "stuff" that might not make sense to us, but that doesn't matter, because those items mean something special to them. I've seen some very interesting "things" saved in people's homes and there is [...]


5 Ways to Honor and Love Your Memorabilia

After you make the seriously hard emotional decisions about the memorabilia you desire to save, find a way to treasure your keepsakes in your home so that they are not only lovingly appreciated and preserved, but bring a smile to your face when you look at them. After all, that is probably why you saved your memorabilia to begin [...]


Online Auctions -A New Twist on an Old Way of Selling

Recently I was hired by a client and asked to "organize" and empty the contents of a property. My client was the executor of the will for this home and the homeowner had recently passed away. During my initial walk through, I noticed a voluminous amount of "stuff". The previous homeowner had been born in this house and inherited it [...]


This Special Season… You’ll Be Thankful If You Have, “The Conversation”

Lately we have been working with more mature senior clients (those over 80) in the throes of downsizing. One of their biggest stresses comes from deciding who should be getting what relative to: High Value Items Treasured Family Memorabilia Vital Documents So we'd like to encourage you this holiday season while you are spending lots of time (hopefully) with your [...]


Resource of the Month – Memory Quilts

T-shirt quilt sewn by her student, Suzanne It's almost t-shirt weather! So if you happen to be changing out your closets (or your children's or husband's clothes) and realizing that your family has all kinds of t-shirts they don't wear anymore because these shirts are actually more "memorabilia" then everyday clothing, may I highly suggest having a Memory [...]


Update Before It’s Too Late

Don't wait for a disaster to strike before you properly take care of your pictures Why do we love our photographic memorabilia so much? It reconnects us emotionally to people, places, time and tells the story of our lives. If you have developed prints, slides, tapes, cartridges and reel to reels collected in a box here's the bad news: You [...]



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