It’s like an unwritten rule that mothers are supposed to know where everything “lives” in a home. Did/do you feel that way? There have been so many times in my life that I have heard these similar kinds of questions:

  • Mom, where did you put my _____?
  • Mom, have you seen my ______?
  • Mom, do you know where my _____ are?
  • Mom, did you happen to see my _____ lately?
  • Mom, I can’t find my _____, can you help me look?

Hearing these questions as a mother, I would either immediately know the answer, or be frustrated/stressed that the person asking me about his/her own personal possessions was assuming I knew where the said item was. I thought this was an unfair and unjust question at times and wanted my family to own up to taking care of their respective belongings.

Eventually, I decided it was better for me to model, teach and say the Serenity Prayer when another person couldn’t find what they were looking for. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I became a professional organizer when my children were just 5 and 3-years old.

To all the mothers and other caregivers who are granted the position of home organizer:

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