referralSince it’s March and I’m going with the Irish theme here, just go with me on the lure of the Shamrock and its three clover leaves.

My favorite type of client can have three components too. I write about this trifecta of a real estate opportunity just in case you know of anyone that might need these services for the spring market.

If a person is going to sell their home, they might need:

1. Declutter to Market for Sale
Many of my clients hire me to declutter years (and sometimes decades) of life inventory so I can help them (and their real estate agent) get the most amount of money for their sale as possible. I’m not a certified stager but I have to humbly state that I come pretty close…

2. Pack and Project Manage the Move
Once the home is sold, I am often asked to help organize the move relative to not only packing but to the overseeing of getting all contents to the next home and placement once the boxes and furniture come off the moving truck.

3. Unpack and Organize for a Newly Organized Life
Now my favorite part, when a client asks me to not only help them unpack but to set up their new home so everything gets put away properly with ease, order and sense.

POSSE can do one or all three of these puzzle pieces when someone is selling and moving. I affectionately refer to this triad as the Holy Trinity of moving. I feel fortuitous when someone asks me to project manage this lengthy process. It is one of my favorite scopes of work as an organizer.