In the world of self-help and self-care, the term “boundaries” is often used as a personal tool. I think of boundaries as life jackets used for saving sanity in what can sometimes be the rough ocean of life. These boundaries we build for ourselves can be extremely transforming if one is looking for a sea change.

The idea of personal boundaries led me to thinking about organizational boundaries. These “rules” of space and time management can help one declutter and stay in balance. Many of you might remember my creation of FRETS. I like to say that our organizing skills touch (and sometimes punch) our Finances, Relationships, Emotions, Time and Space. When it comes to the idea of creating boundaries for these areas of our lives, I believe they could be of great assistance to keeping order.

boundariesHere is an example for each one:

  1. Finances – “I will balance my accounts and review my credit card statements monthly”
  2. Relationships – “I will honor my partner’s request to not leave dirty dishes in the sink”
  3. Emotions – “I will hold a family meeting once a week to discuss what went well with chores”
  4. Time – “I will allow myself 90 minutes of eye candy (media) each night”
  5. Space – “I will only keep the amount of clothes that can fit on the poles in the closet and my one dresser, the floor will not be an option”

Each person will have her/his own individual boundaries. The important part is to take time to create them and then hold yourself and other people accountable. Should you need organizational or productivity help with your FRETS, I’m only a phone call away.