AIYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately. And with the recent launch at the end of 2022 of the innovative platform called ChatGPT a new type of technology (generative AI) is exploding! It might make you wonder what it’s all about and how this technology can be applied in your life.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that encompasses many technologies. While AI can detect patterns and make conclusions, “Generative AI” takes it several step further:

  • It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence.
  • It uses machine learning AND deep learning algorithms and “generates” entirely new and original content in the form of text, images, computer code and even video.
  • Through different platforms, you ask the Generative AI chatbot a question and it returns an answer by mimicking human imagination and creativity. It is trained to predict which word follows the next in any given sentence.

How Can You Use Generative AI?

This technology isn’t just for the tech giants to use anymore. To demonstrate how this “scary cool” process works, we’re going to demonstrate it using live in ChatGPT in the upcoming Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, September 20th. See the details and register here,

Just to summarize how these AI platforms work, you simply type in an inquiry or question and then the results will be returned in human-like language in the form of answering your question, summarizing text, and generating written content. It’s like talking to an expert on the topic… someone who has read through the articles for you to identify the relevant information.

For example, we asked ChatGPT for “3 Email productivity tips”. See the response below:

Chat GPT

Or how about this request:

AI response

Here are Some Ways You Can Use Generative AI To Get a Jump Start on Creativity

  • Ask it a general question or to explain a complex subject.
  • Suggest a topic and request it to give you an outline for an article or blog post.
  • Paste in a short article or book description and ask for a summary paragraph.
  • Give it a presentation, workshop or webinar description and ask for a creative title.
  • Plug in your resume details and get an updated version.
  • Request a social media post based on an article or presentation topic.
  • Ask for jokes on a particular topic.
  • Request it to write a poem based on a subject or keywords.

TIP: You can control the response by adding more specific directions, such as:

  • Give me 5 tips on ______ .
  • Write a 250-word article on ______.
  • Compose a 12-line poem on _____.
  • Write a 300-word response on _____ at a 6th-grade reading level.

There are so many options! It’s just fun to play around and see what results you are given.

Using AI Responsibly

use ai responsiblyAnd then there are the legal and ethical questions about the information that is generated by these tools that you might want to claim as your own. AI Ethics and AI Law is currently evolving as this technology becomes more widely used. For now, the best advice is to treat AI Generative content like research. Use it for ideas and inspiration rather than word-for-word text.

by guest author, Deborah Davis of A Virtual Click Away, LLC.