I personally love spring cleaning and decluttering after a winter season and usually a rainy, raw March. Often people struggle with the decision-making of items in their spaces and places when determining “should it stay or should it go”? So, here are some good questions to ask yourself if you are trying to trim back your inside clutter before you go outside to the garden this spring.

spring fling

  1. Do I USE/NEED this?
  2. Do I LOVE this?
  3. Is there a reason I’ve been keeping this? Is it time to let it go now?
  4. If I have more than enough of these, how many do I really need?
  5. Memory Quilt.

    This is an example of Question #9. I took all my kids’ childhood sweatshirts and turned it into a Memory Quilt.

    Am I tired of seeing it? Thinking about it? Cleaning it? Moving it around?

  6. If I had to pay a mover to move it, would this item make it onto the moving truck?
  7. If my house burnt down, would I remember I had this?
  8. Can somebody else use it or love it more than me and give it a better life?
  9. If I’m emotionally attached to it but it’s non-functional, can I re-home, upcycle or repurpose it into something else that I will use?
  10. If I get rid of this and I need it again, can I easily get another one?