movingI’ve been told by several Realtors that the spring market starts right after Superbowl Sunday. Getting a property ready for sale is when most people decide to do major purging, but what if we lived like we knew we would be moving soon?

I find this perspective of not only “what if” I was going to move soon, but also “what if” something happened to me, who would go through my stuff? This helps me to keep my clutter at a minimum. So, maybe this mindset can help you too. And by the way, how much do we truly need in order to feel safe and comfortable with the amount of our possessions? Every human will have a different answer if he/she is honest with themselves.

I remember going on a semester exchange program in college. For four months I basically lived out of a backpack. I loved it. That experience of living in the moment and freedom from “stuff” reminds me that I can still live with that sense of autonomy from “things” to a certain extent. I’m much older now with a home, career, family, and hundreds more possessions than when I was living abroad. Admittedly, there is a societal pull that magnetizes us to consumerist behaviors. I try hard as a person and an organizer to keep an “organize as if I need to move-on-a-dime mentality” when it comes to my personal belongings.

I often give myself boundaries for a category of things. For example, my book boundary is a couple of shelves built into my TV stand. My pots and pans boundary is one particular large kitchen drawer. So, if I start to accumulate too many books or pots…something has to be donated to keep my boundary of space in place. This is my “Move-on-a-Dime” mentality because if I was to move, I know my books and pots and pans are already “decisioned” to go with me and easy to pack up.

Give this idea a trial in your home. It just might make you feel so organized that if you indeed wanted to move, it wouldn’t be a scary, stressful thought.