People often ask me how I start my day. Maybe they are curious about what an organizer might do for “First Things First…” So I’ll share my personal morning rituals because they were probably in response to mourings that inched their way into my life. As we all experience life challenges, I feel we have to pivot so we bend and not break. Here’s what I did and continue to do to slowly ease my way into what I hope is a day of serenity.

(Higher) Power Hour

candleI don’t remember when I started my Power Hour which is usually around 5-6 am because that is typically the time I wake up. I arise in the dark and head to my living room and light a candle. I make a cup of coffee and sit in a cozy spot on my couch. I might listen to one or even two meditations on the Calm app. Afterward, I’ll turn on the lights and then I read from certain favorite daily meditation books, or a book of choice.

Somewhere in there, I’ll write in my gratitude journal. I keep all kinds of information in my reading basket by the couch that I want to ingest spiritually to give me the cornerstone to start my day on a positive, inspirational and powerful note.

I realize that if I don’t do this every morning, I will instead begin my day in a frenzied and anxious mindset. This dedicated time to myself makes me feel ready to tackle what has the potential to be an onslaught of uncontrollables. This morning routine grounds me and I love to start my day this way. I encourage you to ask yourself what works for you in order to set your day up for sanity and success…and then create a routine out of your answers.

Now you may wonder, well when does Jean Marie organize/plan her day? The answer is the night before each new day and on Sunday I strategically set up my week…