When my kids were little, we used to go through their things before Christmas and donate their discards between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we could make room for the onslaught of what was then a carload of presents…

Now they are grown and I work in the world of adult-size donations, recycling and discarding by working for The Junkluggers (and on the weekends POSSE). Here is my biggest reason for hiring my junk removal company this December…

When you invite The Junkluggers into your home (or office) and willingly “Let Go” of things you no longer love, use or need…YOU WILL reclaim space and then you can decide what you want that space to be. Maybe it’s a guest room, a puzzle room or an exercise room.

With “clutter” gone, you can decide how you want each room to function and spaces become intentional.


For example, you might want the junk out of your garage this December so you can realistically park a car inside before the winter weather.

Another example is if you have a backyard that is cluttered with bulky items no longer in use like an old swing set, a non-functional hot tub, a broken fence etc. our team can make it disappear so you can then create a seasonal outdoor venue with a firepit for s’mores and cocoa.

By freeing yourself of items you no longer want, each room gets a facelift. You’ll want to invite your relatives over, not fear their company.

A Caring Alternative to Traditional Dumping

Instead of scrambling over holiday clean-ups by stuffing your clutter into closets to free up floors and countertops, or even considering a dumpster… just call me, Jean Marie direct, at 201-406-9643 or email JeanMarie.Herrn@Junkluggers.com for scheduling a “One-Stop-Shop” for all things, donated, recycled and discarded with a company that has the utmost charitable and sustainable mindset. Doing so will:

  • Destress your holiday season
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Avoid injuries in lugging the stuff yourself
  • Make your home a safer place to walk about
  • Save you time and maybe even some money
  • Prepare the existing space for better energy flow

I will ensure that all furniture and household items are donated and recycled to the best of my ability. I am at the mercy of our charity partners but we have excellent non-profits that pick up from our warehouse regularly. The only thing I can’t take is Hazardous Materials.