Memorabilia is a typical household category that yanks on our emotions. Our memories could include photos, furniture, clothing, trophies, guns, trinkets, teeth, etc. People save special “stuff” that might not make sense to us, but that doesn’t matter, because those items mean something special to them. I’ve seen some very interesting “things” saved in people’s homes and there is always a unique story as to why they feel the need to keep the items. No judgment on my end. If it is special to them, it’s special to me and should be treated that way.

So here is my take on categories of memorabilia that I see in many homes and also in my home. I’d like to offer you ways to “Spring Ahead” in preserving it. This way, it doesn’t get ahead of you and one day you find yourself drowning in a winter of past treasures…

Photos (and all forms of older media)


In my younger years, I took thousands of photos. In my wiser years, I have transferred them to a digital format I am comfortable with. I keep my favorite photos in my favorite frames strategically placed around my house. The rest are safely and easily located on my computer. This did take a good bit of time, decision making, and a little bit of money since I hired out the technology piece. It was all worth it because I am “caught up” between the physical copies and the digital copies and that feels awesome!

(Photo to the left: I went to Video Magic Productions and Laura D’Antoni put my life of pictures on one USB stick…)


I too, save furniture that is special to me. Here is a photo of an antique bench that my grandmother and mother had for decades. Now it sits in my dining room. It has been reupholstered to my liking and I add seasonal pillows. Each time I pass it, I smile.


Many folks keep clothing not to wear again but to treasure. The best way I’ve found to honor this particular memorabilia is to make quilts, blankets, pillows, drawer liners, or display them tastefully where one can see them like in a shadow box.

Trinkets/Odd Items

This is a photo of “Slopes”. Yes, this stuffed animal has a name. My father bought him for me when he lived in Utah where I briefly got to visit him before he passed away. I was 19 when he died and I have very few “things” from my dad to remember him by. This special  “friend” sits up on a shelf above my desk.

Slopes is holding a small pillow that was a re-creation of my daughter’s robe when she was a toddler.



If you still love your jewelry, wear it. If you do not, have it remade into something you will love and wear. This is a necklace my mother gave to me for my college graduation. It originally had a gold herringbone chain that did not appeal to me so I didn’t wear the necklace. Then, I replaced the chain as you can see in the photo. Now I do wear it on special occasions while appreciating why my mother gave it to me way back when…

I share these personal stories as a woman who is aging, as well as a professional in the decluttering business. I encourage everyone this spring to take a look at your own memorabilia and refine it to what you’d love to treasure. I’ve written on this topic before and you might want to go back to these blogs if you enjoy the subject: