donationsWith all the post and continual challenges of donating during an epidemic, finding good charities to give to is just plain hard. So, I’ve learned to always be on the lookout and ask the question,

“Who do you donate to for ________?”

For example, I didn’t have a great resource for donating medical supplies/equipment and I’m certain many people who can’t afford healthcare truly need these things like wheelchairs, walkers, etc… This was truly bugging me.

So I asked my friend Fabi, who is a Nurse Practitioner, if she had any resources and she introduced me to Retired Chief John Beslanovitz. He is the Equipment Donations Committee Chairman for the Board of the 911 Fund. He now stops by our Junkluggers warehouse once a week to pick up our medical-related donations.

I remember asking a residential client of mine who had a ton of yarn she had bagged up for donation where she was going with it and she said, “Project Linus at JoAnn’s Fabrics.” Now, whenever I see yarn and knitting needles I think Linus…Viola! The lesson here is to ask your circle of influence and keep a list.