meditateCOVID has personally helped me increase my awareness of self-care.

In all three areas: mental, physical and spiritual… I have stepped up my time management to include scheduling activities I love to do and tools to help me manage my anxiety and overwhelm. These are my own PPE’s – Personal Pleasure Experiences.

Let me share some of my private PPE practices with you.

  • Inspirational Daily Readers
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Calm Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Pickleball
  • Dancing
  • Baths
  • Dog Walking at the County Park

So now, take my lead and create your own bulleted list of PPE’s and then ask yourself, “When shall I do these great things myself?” and enter time for them on your calendar. Here’s my example:

  • Inspirational Daily Readers  / Gratitude Journal / Calm Meditation (All 3 of these I do every morning from 6-6:30 AM)
  • Hiking (I schedule one hike on a weekend day and then I try, based on clients, to get another one in midweek)
  • Pickleball (I just learned this game and I found a church that offers it for free, so I’m figuring this out as I type this ezine…)
  • Dancing (I schedule one or two social dances a month on a Saturday or Sunday night)
  • Baths (I take one after every Saturday hike because the hike is usually over 10 miles)
  • Dog Walking at the County Park (completely spontaneous when Maggie gives me those whites in her eyes!)

See how easy it is to be a professional organizer? Just write what you want to do and then schedule it. I know, I know, easier said than done. But, If you really want to get organized and productive for 2022, I encourage you to take my on-demand class, “My Perfect Week.” For a $39 investment, you could have scheduled serenity not only as a New Year Gift but all year long if you take the class and do the work. See the details here.