donationEvery day in my profession, I help people to “Let Go.” To let go of physical things and sometimes psychic debris as well. I encourage people to toss, donate or sell the non-essentials and treasure the keepers.

So I thought for this ezine, I would give you my very biased opinion on why it is so wonderful to live life with less stuff. Ready?

  1. Freedom – When I am free of things to be responsible for, I have more time for myself. Having less stuff to care for and care about, gives me more time for me.
  2. Less Brain Fatigue – When I own less, I don’t have to think so much about what I have and how to deal with it.
  3. Safety – I never worry about tripping over items or whether my home is going to catch on fire due to clutter.
  4. Easy to Clean – Having fewer items on counter surfaces, floors and walls make it a breeze to scrub a dub dub.
  5. Clearer Vision, Less Confusion – Seeing less stuff in my space gives me clarity to truly see what I own and helps me focus without distraction.
  6. More Money – When I know what I own, I don’t spend on purchasing accidental duplicates and I also save money by living in a smaller space with smaller utility bills and real estate taxes too.
  7. Gratitude – When I don’t have many things, I’m grateful for what I do have.
new kitchen

POSSE’s New Downsized Dining Room

I would like to invite you to attend my next POSSE’s Pen (details below) with the theme of “Blessed With Less”.

I will take you on a pictorial tour of my newly downsized home and tell you all about how I did it and why I did it. So please join me!