It happens every month. I am hired for a “Whole-Home Decluttering Project.” Whether the clients want to sell or dwell, the fact is the entire house needs to be decluttered.

So where does one start on a multi-bedroom home where indeed many different family members have lived (or are still living) after decades “of life” — which probably includes lots of stuff and memories? To answer this question, I created my Master Action Property Plan™.

For some people creating a physical/digital list to work off of works wonders. I found that in certain homes, with certain clients, and certain goals and timeframes – giving us both a spreadsheet (aka my MAPP™), becomes an awesome tool.

How do I do this? I stand with my homeowners at the curb and we walk both outside and inside the entire property as I write down everything that needs to be done for each area/room of the house, who will be responsible for doing each task and when that task is to be completed. Sometimes, if the home is to be sold, we have a real estate agent attend the MAPP™ creation process.


Like any project, having a checklist to gather and prioritize all your information in one area is vital for managing all the tasks generated in the planning process (which can be hundreds!). Here are my favorite benefits for birthing a MAPP™:

  • Minimizes Cracks/Maximizes Communication
  • Assigns Accountability
  • Prevents Procrastination
  • Keeps Goals/Tasks on Time
  • Help People to Understand All They Own
  • Leads to a Shorter/More Profitable Sale and Less Stress When on the Market and Moving
  • Leads to a Better Quality of Living if Staying in the Home

The MAPP™ becomes the mechanism to get the job (I mean the house) done. My MAPP™ is now available for sale on my website here.