cluttered homeOrganizing is organizing, and occasionally I get a project when the homeowner has passed.

Recently, I had a project where my client lived out of state, but needed help with a deceased relative’s house here in Bergen County. I realized that many readers might not know I do this, or even that POSSE could be a huge resource in this kind of home preparation for the real estate market and estate settling in general.

As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I can do the following for these kinds of projects:

  • Sort the entire estate contents into categories such as:
    • Sell (do the donating after trying to sell the items first)
    • Save for Family
    • Junk/Garbage/Bulk
    • Paper Retention Filing
  • Help secure other resources such as:
    • Estate Sales
    • Cleaning Professionals
    • Green Junk Removal
    • Mechanical System Tradesmen
  • Hold a key or security code and be there physically when my client cannot
  • Work with the real estate agent for final photographs for the Internet
  • Ensure that the property is left is “broom-swept condition” for the closing
  • Any other organizing requests by my client

In an estate situation, the property must be left in broom-swept condition. POSSE can easily assist in this kind of decluttering…

Attic before and after