Disney VacationCall me crazy but I’ve got to get out of town and have some fun so I’m going to Disney World. My immediate family of 4 is fully vaccinated and willing to take an airplane to Florida.

I don’t have to tell any of my readers what interesting times we are all breathing in. And 2021 has proven nothing but “FFT’s”, https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-on-ffts/ according to Brene Brown, one of my favorite podcasters.

My own family FFT’s (because of the pandemic) include my husband who lost his previous job last March and is in a new career, my daughter who is slated to graduate early this December and is looking for her first professional position, my son who has returned home and is learning remotely his spring semester of his freshman year in college, and myself; who is still trying to put the pieces back together after a government shut down of non-essential businesses such as POSSE, and a downsizing move after 20+ years in Mahwah with a not-so-fun renovation into our smaller home in Ridgewood. Lots of first-time fun for our brains. Thank goodness we are all in this together.

On a different note, we have been Disney Vacation Club Members (DVC) since I lost my in-laws in the early part of my marriage. This DVC membership is a gift from grandma and grandpa to remind us all to get away and spend quality time together. We aim for a trip every other year and of course, we are behind our traditional schedule. I hope that this week away with the Mouse will lift all our spirits.

Disney World is one of those places that you want to have a game plan for because if you just “wing it”, you’ll likely run out of time and money. Additionally, with pandemic procedures, everything needs to be registered in advance. I am blessed to have a great friend from college who works for Disney. We both graduated with degrees in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Now I’m an organizer and he works for Disney, go figure! For years, he’s helped us with advice on our trips. Another blessing is I have two college-age students who can work an iPhone way better than their mom and dad.

Disney cruise

For this ezine, I thought I’d share my Vacation Packing List so you too can creatively borrow it (just in case you don’t have one already) and customize it for yourself. As we all begin to travel again – a little extra organizing will go a long way. Enjoy this template. I would personally never leave town without a packing list because I would probably forget something important. Lists are powerful productivity tools for anything from a vacation to grocery shopping. Additionally, I find it helpful to bring the list, edit it as I see fit on the journey, and use it to repack when returning.