Over a decade ago, my friend and colleague Cindy Myer, President of Ridgewood Moving Servicesand I partnered up on what is now known to be our “Decluttering Resource List.” We’ve given this list out by the hundreds over the years helping clients rid themselves of unwanted physical things they no longer love, use or need. Annually we’ve updated this list.

But last year I avoided doing this task as it was disheartening watching so many wonderful charities and resources disappear during the pandemic. With renewed energy, here we are back again with our list. We have reviewed, edited and verified the information on this pruned document and we are happy to share it with you.

DeclutteringThat being said, please be aware that many donation resources (run by well-intended volunteers) have limited worker bees causing serious delays and often unsuccessful scheduled pick-ups. Therefore, we are listing only tried and true organizations as of today. Additionally, besides this list, often the best way to find a decluttering resource is to do an Internet search and simply type “Donations Near Me” into your search bar.

Lastly, please note that Cindy and I are in the field daily and can’t list every specialty resource we have or we’d just clutter up the list. Therefore, feel free to email me or Cindy for your really unique “disposal” requests. For example, in my 15 years of organizing, I’ve had 3 clients who needed to unload fencing equipment. Well, I do have a resource for fencing equipment, but that resource didn’t make it to the list.

Get your copy of the resource list here (it’s free!)