After you make the seriously hard emotional decisions about the memorabilia you desire to save, find a way to treasure your keepsakes in your home so that they are not only lovingly appreciated and preserved, but bring a smile to your face when you look at them. After all, that is probably why you saved your memorabilia to begin with. At least I hope so!

Here are 5 ways I personally salvaged and displayed my memorabilia after I downsized…

1. Treasure Chest – This first photo is of an African box that my sister gifted to me when she was working as a nurse on Mercy Ships in South Africa. She was gone for years on her mission work and this little treasure box of mine means a lot to me. I put my daughter and son’s first tooth and snippet of their first hair cuts inside. It sits on a shelf in my office and I see it often. On top of my African treasure is my decorated wooden block sign that says, “Hustle is my Middle Name”. If you don’t know me well, suffice it to say that I love to Hustle Dance and some would call me a hustler of productivity.


2. Set Boundaries – Decide on an amount of space or a number of something to keep. For example, the second photo here is my Disney Vacation Club Wall of Dreams. It includes our favorite photos in Disney frames from some of our best family vacations. We made a “gallery wall” around a bookshelf that holds many special momentos too such as wedding albums, special Communion photos etc. But that one wall in our basement is my memorabilia boundary. People are welcome to sit in my Nanny’s old rocking chair and go through photo albums.

3. Repurpose – The photo of the antique school desk was my father-in-law’s. I remember seeing this piece buried and tired-looking in the basement of his beach house after he passed away. So I was given permission to take it, and I then had it refinished as a present for my husband. It makes a beautiful table now in a spare room. I also found this picture of Jesus in the beach house hiding in a closet. I loved it and had it cleaned up and reframed. It now hangs on a wall in our master bedroom.

4. Quality Over Quantity – Like lots of families, we had lots of “memorabilia” clothing; t-shirts, sweatshirts, wedding dress, robes etc. I had my favorite ones sewn into a quilt and unique pillows that make up a daybed in my office. So I get to see these memories daily instead of them hiding in a box in the attic. By the way, Maggie is not part of my memorabilia!

5. Take a Picture – Sometimes there are “things” that won’t live on (or maybe you don’t want them to live on taking up real estate in your current square footage) like this adorable floral arrangement of a dog that my best friend sent me for Christmas. I wasn’t going to dry and preserve the flowers so I took a photo of it. You can bet this picture will make it into my 2020 photo album.

In conclusion, memorabilia can be one of the hardest and most emotionally charged tasks when getting a home organized. It is often the elephant in the attic, garage and spare closets for many people I know. If you need help getting your “memories” in order, I invite you to my next POSSE’s Pen or simply hire POSSE to help you love your sentimentals and space.