Back in my 20’s, I had the privilege and mind-altering experience in my business career to learn and set goals. I wrote them down and saw the results. My efforts were measured and a critical part of my annual review. I was critiqued on my performance based on company goals. The expectations were spoken to me, written down and signed off on, metrics were put into place, and my salary was indeed reflective of my corporate goal achievements. I was truly aware that this concept of penning my goals worked. Besides learning the technical aspect of writing and measuring goals, I noticed that goal setting did connect to the company’s Mission Statement.

When I left brick and mortar companies and began my entrepreneurial journey, I created my own style of goal setting. At first, I kept my tools private, but as the years progressed I realized that I could and should share just how creating and completing goals can be a learned skill set similar to the skills I teach in my residential organizing practice. Additionally, as a small business owner, it is paramount to me to know the “What” I’m trying to accomplish in my little LLC.

Years ago I wrote my POSSE Mission Statement. You’ll see it in the sun diagram below. I share it with you because this is my passion. This is why I get up every morning and work with clients and students. I’d like to rephrase the terminology of mission statements to passion commitments because if you are passionate about what you do, your goals will come easier.

I do have other mission statements for my other “life categories” such as spiritual, family, financial and personal but this one is for POSSE…


mission statement

Once you know your passion and write it down, goals just seem to flow. Time management is key to this endeavor which I often find lengthy to teach, so I invite everyone to my January Pen (see below) where I can verbally go into a lot more details than this brief ezine. In the meanwhile, here is my 1-2-3 of creating goals that make it to year-end:

  1. Create a Mission Statement, aka a Passion Commitment
  2. Write Down Your Goals (and for better results use a S.M.A.R.T. worksheet for each one)
  3. Time Block It On Your Calendar (See below for POSSE’s “My Perfect Week” recorded webinar)

The bottom line is, any goal for my business must in some way, shape or form be connected to my mission belief (#1). So, if I then use my S.M.A.R.T. goal worksheet (#2) and write down for example that I want to utilize videos in 2021, those videos should “help to improve the quality, peace and performance of people’s lives through the transference of organizing and productivity skills” which is my passion. I continue to flesh out the goal worksheet and then I ask myself, “If not now, when?” and I go to my Time Map (#3) and block out when I’m going to create these videos. There you have it, my 1-2-3 process. Easy to say…but there is much thought and effort involved.

*Please note that year after year I prune, edit, refine and adjust goals accordingly based on my life’s current circumstances. So when you get a year like 2020, be mindful that goal expectations should bend like a palm tree when the winds of change like a pandemic come along. Be kind to yourself this year as we all are probably planting new roots.