traditionI was thinking that this Christmas and New Year’s are going to be extremely different for most… including me and my family. We are in a new (and much smaller) home and our two children who have been away at college will be returning for a two-month break. Who knows if they will return to a “normal” spring semester. Therefore, my empty nest will be full again and for how long is anyone’s guess. Most families are struggling with how to maneuver their traditional gatherings due to pandemic fear and mandates. I used to think that just getting together with relatives was stressful enough!

But there are three things I do every December to stay organized and I can still do them, COVID or not. I hope sharing them with you will be motivational as we all come to the close of 2020.

  1. I go through all the photos on my phone. I save them to my hard drive in a folder called 2020. (FYI, my photos are backed up to Carbonite.) Then I upload them to Shutterfly which doesn’t cost anything to save them there, by the way. I proceed to create a photo album and give it as a gift to my family when ready. I do delete most of the photos off my phone afterward… which I know many people are uncomfortable with, but hey, it’s my S.Y.S.T.E.M.
  2. I go through my paper files in my filing cabinets and my digital files. I declutter them, strategically planning the new year while doing so.
  3. I copy everyone’s wallet contents for my firebox safe and place them inside in a folder called, “Family’s Wallet Contents”. I also update everyone’s computer and iPhone passwords as well.

These tasks make me feel secure somehow. I encourage you to think about what you can do that might make you feel your life is in order and ready for a fresh beginning next month. And if you need assistance figuring out your time management to incorporate tasks such as these, consider my online class which will teach you how to create a Time Map.