I remember when I just started my business almost 15 years ago. I was attempting (poorly) to create a monthly newsletter. I could write it easily and joyfully enough, but my technology skills were not up to business standards. Ditto for my website.

Actually, what I was finding was that many small business skills were popping up that I was not only not good at but I truly dislike doing them. I wanted to be with clients not figuring out Search Engine Optimization, how to brand myself in MailChimp, how to create a campaign in my CRM, etc…

This list of technology and administrative tasks kept growing as POSSE kept growing.

I knew these To Do’s were important in my entrepreneurship but honestly, I wasn’t qualified nor passionate about them. Enter virtual assistants. Just Google “virtual assistant” and you’ll find many sources, including https://ivaa.org.

So, I delegated all the “To Do’s” in my business that I did not want to tackle myself to my VA Deborah, who is excellent and passionate at what I am not.

Productivity Tip

Think of the tasks, responsibilities, chores, etc. that you’d like to get off your spinning plates and come up with a person, service or an app for that!