The first time I heard the K.I.S.S. acronym, I was told it stood for Keep It Simple Stupid, but I don’t like to call anyone that adjective — including myself.

Therefore, POSSE is changing it to, Keep It Simple Special. And if we all keep our spaces and time management simplistic in fashion, we will all don the perks of less stress in our minds and less clutter in our spaces. This way our earthly possessions will be easier to find, use and put away. These are the benefits of a simple calendar and a clutter-free environment. When I’m done simplifying a client’s home or office, I like to say, “Less Clutter, More You!”

Some examples of POSSE’s K.I.S.S. to you…

  • Your mother asks you to host Easter for 22 people at your place. Keep it simple by asking guests to bring side dishes, desserts, beverages and get relatives to commit to helping with the setup and clean up.
  • You are drowning in work but it’s that time of the month again for you to write your next monthly newsletter and get it to your assistant. Keep it simple and ask a synergistic colleague to be a guest writer for your blog.
  • It is time to change out your closets for the next season. Keep it simple by utilizing mix and match layering pieces in only 1-2 colors of your favorite color schemes. Donate the “one-offs” in your closets.

For this valentine-time of year, give yourself the gift of creating a simple life. We are all living in what feels like an overly complicated lifestyle. Take it down a notch by decluttering things you do not really use and delete doing things you don’t really care to do.

By the way, love yourself this month in addition to your extended loved ones. Remember, when you incorporate self-care into your time, you set an awesome example to the ones you love. By keeping life simple, organized and productive… you have less F.R.E.T.S. because being organized gives you:

  • Financial Benefits
  • Relationship Benefits
  • Emotional Benefits
  • Time Benefits
  • Space Benefits

Ok, enough acronyms for one newsletter! Go plan your Valentine’s Day and enjoy February 14th.