What happens to you when you see snow? I see my front and back yard, trees and neighborhood… with a fresh set of eyes. Everything looks clean, new and beautiful — almost innocent. It’s as if God is pressing a “reset” button and asking us to pause and take in His beauty.

In a way, we too can hit the reset button in our homes and workspaces. By taking that “pause” time to mindfully and spiritually look at our possessions and schedules, we can make choices and decisions about what to keep in our lives and what to let go of. If we just set aside the time to ask ourselves if we still love to own this or that, or do this or that, we are creating thought and decisions. Then with those answers, we can give ourselves permission to act on our thought process.

So if I look at a tired silk plant in my living room and judge it not worthy of my joy anymore – out it goes to the charity of my choice that week. Maybe I’ll leave that space empty for now or maybe I’ll put that beautiful new decorative snowman I got for Christmas there in place of it.

As for time clutter, maybe I think that I don’t want to spend another year on a voluntary board position, then I make a decision to let that commitment go and I make space on my calendar just like I did in my living room.

Give yourself a New Year’s promise to devote time to making decisions about your possessions and time commitments. Permit yourself to honestly assess whether or not you still desire your _______. (Fill in your blank: Cuisinart, novelty Bruce Springsteen t-shirt, 5th frying pan, oddball glasses, librarian position at the senior center.)

You know, it’s often hard to explain to people what I do for a living. I certainly go by the title, Certified Professional Organizer®, but in a nutshell, I help people “To Let It Go.” When clients take that journey with me, they magically feel better, freer and organized. It’s not magic at all, but POSSE’s methodologies. When I transfer these skills to people who are open to letting go, we declutter and create systems and solutions that dramatically transform their spaces. Therein lies the magic!