As a Certified Professional Organizer, I see a trend that we all know about… online shopping. I’m sure the advantages of this convenience go without saying for our holidays but do you have an area in your home designated as a “Receiving & Shipping” area?

When I was in my former corporate days we had a Shipping & Receiving Department. Well, I think all our houses now need to incorporate this idea based on people’s purchasing habits.

Almost every one of my clients is receiving daily packages of some kind and they will multiply like turkeys by Thanksgiving. So if you don’t already have a S.Y.S.T.E.M. (Saving, You, Space, Time, Energy & Money) in place for checking in your packages and making proper returns, might I suggest a plan and a place?

  • The place might be part of your front porch, garage, foyer or mudroom.
  • The plan/procedure might be a designated day(s) of the week and specific time for you “To Do” all related tasks relative to your packages. It might even include these three files:
    1. Ordered
    2. Received & Verified
    3. Returned

It doesn’t matter how you set up your personal system as long as you have a procedure in place and use it consistently. This will give you maximum efficiency and productivity.

Good luck with your holiday spending and if you need any help, I’m only a call away!