Since I currently have many clients moving this month, I thought I’d give you all some of my favorite moving tips. And if you are not moving, but simply want to declutter your home this summer, here is my favorite tip for you – PRETEND YOU’RE MOVING!

  1. Specialty Boxes – Designate the following boxes or customize your own…
    1. A MedsAid Box – medicine, daily supplements and mini first aid box
    2. An Electronics Box – for power cords, devices and special technology
    3. A Hangry Box – for when everyone is tired and hungry… snacks, beverages, coffee or wine!
    4. A Basics Box – a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, soap and garbage liners
    5. A Parts Box – especially for things that need to be put back together like shelving, beds, lamps etc.
  2. Color – give each room or person in your home a designated color. Use this color on all the boxes and furniture for labeling purposes in those spaces for designated people or rooms. Then place that colored sign above the doorways in the new home on moving day.
  3. Suitcase – pack a suitcase for each person in the family – even if you are not going far, pack “as if” you will be away for several days with all your essentials. This way when things are temporarily lost, you can live out of your suitcase.
  4. Off Limit – create an off-limit section of your house while the movers are there. Place your pocketbook, wallet, keys, medications, dog food, snacks, beverages, daily technology, and garbage liner there for safe keeping. And if you’ve ever worked with POSSE, you’ll also have your Moving Project File Box there as well.
  5. Smartphone – Take a picture of each box with the label on it as well as the inside of the box before you close it up. This gives YOU an automatic Mobile Box Inventory. Additionally, take a picture of something you want put back a certain way — like the wires in the back of a media center or a special display in a curio cabinet, an art gallery wall etc. Lastly, use your notes section of your smartphone for all those To Do’s that pop in your head and key codes as the long day wears on.