In this article, I’m sharing a tip sheet I recently used as a give-a-way. What I love about these five tips is they work really well for both organizing and productivity.

  1. Extended Memory – “When You Think It, Ink It”
    Use a calendar, planner, To Do lists; whatever it takes to remember what it is you would like to accomplish. Whether you use an iPad or Steno pad it doesn’t matter, both are extended memory.
  2. Decide to Decide – “If Not Now, When?”
    If you want to truly get organized and be productive, you’ll need to make decisions. Often clutter in a house shows up as a pile of post-ponded decisions. The same goes for getting tasks done. Decide to do them and place them into your schedule.
  3. Pretend You’re Moving “When In Doubt, Get It Out”
    You might not be moving but imagine you are. So, go ahead and live a more minimal lifestyle now. Things will be easier to find, use and put away which creates less stress and more productivity.
  4. OIOO – “One In, One Out”
    Every time you bring something into your home, office or onto your calendar, another object or time commitment needs to leave your haven or workplace. Clutter is a math game: +1 and -1, will keep you in balance.
  5. Toss, Act or File (TAF) – “If You Do Not TAF, Your Piles Will Get FAT”
    You have three choices when it comes to physical/digital papers. You can let them go (toss), do something based on the information (act) or file the information for future retrieval. If you do not make one of these three decisions, your papers, emails, documents etc. will pile up and get “fat” because you didn’t “taf”.