Recently someone from a local town’s recycling department called me and asked me to attend their Earth Day Festival. She wanted me to tell the community why organizing is environmentally advantageous.

So I sat down and wrote all the “things” I do and have done to help clients get organized that happen to be very green. I’d like to share them with you here so that this summer you can declutter and help our planet too…


1. Donate — This is a very thoughtful way to declutter and give longevity to the life cycle of “stuff.” When you donate, you are truly helping the planet as well as humanity.

2. Downsize — Moving into a smaller carbon footprint is, of course, great for Mother Earth. How much room do we all really need?

3. Minimize — Keep the items in your home at a minimal level and you’ll reduce the world’s production, fuel usage and packaging explosion. You’ll also be truly amazed how much more appealing it is visually. It will also be easier to find, use, keep items cleaner and return them to their proper places.

4. Repurpose/Upcycle — Before you toss something in the garbage, ask yourself, “Can I repurpose this somehow?” For example, maybe you can take a filing cabinet that you don’t use anymore and turn it into an office supply storage system. Or, refinish that school desk grandpa used to have in second grade and use it as a beautiful side table.

5. Reuse/Wear Again — Let’s retrain our brain from disposable to reusable for the health of our landfills. What can you keep reusing and wearing after one time or for many times?

6. Sell — When you sell items, instead of tossing what you no longer love, use or need, you make the buyer happy, the economy healthier and environment greener.

7. Shopping — Only buy what you need when you need it. This will help the earth, your personal organization and your pocketbook. Also, try shopping second-hand such as consignment, restores and estate sales. Purchasing what others no longer want is eco-friendly as well as savvy chic.

8. S.Y.S.T.E.M.s — Did you know this acronym is “Saving You Space, Time, Energy and Money”? Many of our everyday household chores can be turned into healthier habits for our environments such as:

  • Laundry — Do full loads with cold washes and non-toxic chemicals.
  • Food Preparation — Shop local, plan your meals with First In, First Out in mind & compost.
  • Recycling — Take the time to review your town’s recycling website page and create a recycling center in your kitchen and garage coinciding with town pickups.
  • Paper Processing — Go digital!