I recently created a form called “POSSE’s Suggested Kitchen Categories” because I was organizing many kitchens for my clients. I found this form to come in handy for the following:

  • Kitchen Overhaul
  • Kitchen Pack (for clients about to move)
  • Kitchen Unpack (for clients who just moved)
  • Kitchen Renovation Projects

Since most people have similar items in a kitchen this form was quite helpful to us as we organized. I give it to you for good measure as a Mother’s Day present. Pun intended!

Right around the same time I created this list, I ran across another very good checklist by Tri-Star Cabinet & Top Co., Inc and I’d like to share their “Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Decluttering Checklist” with you here.

Should you decide to follow both pieces of information, you will have enough organizing ammunition to thoroughly redefine your kitchen. Depending on the size of your space and the number of your cabinets this could take anywhere between 3-20 hours of woman power. If you need any help, just shout… 201-406-9643.


Checklist courtesy of Tri-Star Cabinet & Top Co., Inc.