Recently I was hired by a client and asked to “organize” and empty the contents of a property. My client was the executor of the will for this home and the homeowner had recently passed away. During my initial walk through, I noticed a voluminous amount of “stuff”. The previous homeowner had been born in this house and inherited it from her family. It was a modest three-bedroom, two-bath house with a detached double car garage and walk up attic. This home was full of “things” that had not been culled for generations, no joke.

Since there was such an accumulation of items to be sifted through as well as the fact that no one was living in this house I suggested my client let me manage a sale. MaxSold is an online auction company that I believe is a good fit for certain clients, who are opposed (for whatever reason) to host a live sale in their house.

The process of preparing a home for this online sale is relatively simple. All one has to do is put “lots” together. Basically, a “lot” is putting similar items together that can be sold as a grouping instead of individually. This concept works extremely well because someone might purchase a “lot” simply because they want one particular item in the grouping. This helps dramatically in terms of disposal costs and also increases the selling price because you get many items in your purchase. A pretty cool concept I think!

The MaxSold professional team is only in the house twice. This is quite appealing to many homeowners. The first time is for a full day of cataloging and photography. After I (or the homeowner) review the draft online, the auction goes live with the online process and one could watch every bit of it from a phone or computer. Within a two-week turnaround, the MaxSold team is back to the home for pickups — which is half a day for everyone who purchased online. I observed these pickups to be very organized and safe. The buyers show their receipt of purchase for their lots and are escorted by a MaxSold employee directly to their lot and then escorted out of the home. All purchases are either credit or debit card in advance only. No haggling and no cash is handled on site.

The inventory, research, recording, photography and financial tracking is professional and transparent. Fantastic record keeping for those who really need it — especially in a true estate situation. The seller receives a check within 14 days of the pick-ups.

Please check out my auction here…

My takeaway from this experience is that for homeowners who would like to declutter quickly and quietly in their neighborhoods, this could be a viable alternative to a live sale.Of course, I would encourage anyone to have POSSE help you organize all your content should you like our expertise! Call me at 201-406-9643 or email me with any questions.