I had a very interesting phone conversation with a colleague of mine who is in the mortgage business. He is extremely organized — both physically and digitally. He told me that when he was on vacation in California a relative of his contracted Shingles and he wanted to confirm that his son had been immunized against the Chicken Pox virus. Within seconds he had located this information on his phone.

I was very impressed. As if I was competing against his organizing skills, I too immediately located my son’s immunization records, but I was sitting in my office next to my filing cabinet. At that moment I decided that another one of my goals this year would be to digitize as much of my “paper filing” that I can and have it be accessible to me no matter where I am via the cloud.

That being said, I want to share a document with you that I have coined, “Every House Should File These…” It is a comprehensive list of identification, health, financial, property and insurance documents that you can use as an example for your individual situation.

Click here to download this document.

The question you want to be asking yourself with this template is, “To Scan or Not To Scan” which shall I pick?

Additionally, remember many of these documents should remain as paper in your home even if you now have them in the Cloud. Any questions as to which ones, feel free to give me a call.

I have to give credit where credit is due. There is a wonderful product called the PortaVault. All I did was take the important documents and turn them into a one-page handout for my clients.