Bet you thought I was going to talk about physical “things” in your home that you should never get rid of…Well, I’m actually going to talk about activities that are pivotal to our happiness and productivity. Because when we feel joy, relax, rest and fuel ourselves — we will truly be energized. Therefore, we can and will be more, productive.

Let’s make sure in 2018 that we are all enhancing our schedules with these important activities to give us some pep in our step and execute better time management. Here is my down and dirty list of things never to declutter no matter how chaotic one’s life becomes:

  1. Time with Your Loved Ones
  2. Time to Sleep
  3. Time to Eat
  4. Time to Exercise
  5. Time for Favorite Hobbies

Believe it or not, when I work with clients developing their Time Maps, we actually have to add more of the above time to their planners. It always makes them happy when I say, “You don’t have enough self-care in your life at the moment. What are the things you really want to get to?” It’s as if I’ve given them permission to incorporate the back to basics of life which should really be non-negotiables.

“Permission granted” to add tasks that lead you toward your personal goals!