My mother-in-law passed away early in my marriage. I really liked her warm, witty, carefree personality. She raised seven children in a 3-bedroom house with one phone and one bathroom. I remember her saying, “You can’t take it with you when you go…” while referring to things. In the short time I knew her, she was all about people and never a bit materialistic. I often find myself quoting her especially when we all realize at some point that we do leave this planet and from a faith perspective, life is not about what we own.

At a recent POSSE presentation, there was quite the audience conversation about how the younger generation really doesn’t want anything handed down to them from their parents. So if you are “storing treasures” — go ahead and give them away now for all to enjoy.

I remember my Nanny had a beautiful diamond she was keeping in her safe deposit box after my Papa died. My mom had a strong liking for things that sparkled… Anyways, one day I watched my Nanny give that diamond to my mother saying, “You were going to get this when I passed but I’d rather give it to you now and enjoy seeing it on your hand knowing it was mine.” I never forgot that.

“Repurpose With Purpose”

Another thing my Nanny did when my Papa passed was took all his good cuff links and made them into charms for each of her  grandchildren. I had a PowerPoint slide in my recent Clutter Buster’s class that spoke to this idea of, “Repurpose with Purpose.”

Don’t let your family or worldly possessions waste away in your attics and basement. Repurpose them with thanksgiving and then gift them while you can.

Here is an awesome client example in this picture. It was her childhood crib shared by all her siblings. She had it reworked into a beautiful chair.

We all come into this world naked and leave the same way. Remember our things are just that — things —  they are not alive and do not have a heart, feelings or relationships. We as humans attach those attributes. Instead of saying, “Do I need this?”, why not say, “Does this thing need me?” If you answer no, let it go to another person.

This is probably the first time I’m writing about the benefits of decluttering a home from a spiritual sense. As a CPO® and a Christian, I have always believed that the right thing to do when we have enough or plenty is to share or give to others as it is pleasing to God. And, in my humble opinion, we truly don’t own anything anyways, we are all just burrowing and enjoying our possessions and blessings per se while we are living on earth. Like my mother-in-law said, nothing goes with you up to heaven.

“If it’s not meeting a need, turn it into a seed!”

I have taken this directly from Joel Osteen’s book, Your Best Life Now. The gist of this expression is to give away the things that you don’t need to others that do. With the concept of living your best life now, he suggests that if you have items in your home that you are not using, have a giving attitude that says, Who can I bless today? rather than How can I get blessed today? After all, we reap what we sow.

Not only is this an awesome idea for donating but I also like the idea of his turning it into a seed as it can relate to legacy. So those treasures your storing for someday or as inheritance, use them as seeds now, planting them in the hearts of your loved ones with the idea of gifting while you are alive.