Welcome to retail madness this month. Can you hear Julie Andrews singing, “These are a few of my favorite things” right now as the background music in most stores?

Well, I know everyone is out shopping this month so I thought I’d write about my favorite places to shop for fun and non-utilitarian looking organizing supplies. Gone are the days of the plastic smoky gray trays as your only choice for sorting and categorizing paper. With so many places to shop both brick and mortar as well as online, buying organizing supplies can truly be fun nowadays.

POSSE Top 5 Fav’s in 2016

So here are my favorite stores for organizing products in no particular order:

  1. Homegoods / TJ Maxx
  2. The Container Store
  3. Bed Beth & Beyond
  4. Lowe’s
  5. Amazon

Creative “Organizing” Gift Ideas

lazy_susanOk, now remember I’m an organizer so my kind of fun gifts are usually different from most people. That being said, how about bringing a hostess gift to someone’s house that includes an organizing product she can use after you leave? For example, you could place a beautiful dessert on this Lazy Susan from Bed Bath and Beyond. Then when the sweet treat is gone, your hostess can use the turntable in her kitchen!

eyeglasses_caseAgain, I love to give some kind of “organizing vessel” that can be re-purposed. When I do “whole-home” decluttering, my clients and I usually find several pairs of glasses scattered throughout the house. Here’s a beautiful home for eyeglasses from The Container Store following one of POSSEs mottos: “One Category Per Home Please.”

holiday_lightsHow about giving a loved one something they can use after the holidays like this storage container from Lowe’s for holiday lights?

Lastly, if you have the financial desire, I love to put gift cards to these stores into any type of “organizing home” like the ones pictured above. It’s a lot more fun and functional than a gift bag.