(What this CPO® learned while her husband was out of work…)

It was almost a year ago that my husband’s company informed him that his position was going to be dissolved. So for most of 2016 he has been out of work and home full-time. This was a definite lesson in patience for our entire family but there were organizing “positives”.

But before you read them, I’d like to add that often I encourage my clients when we are decluttering their spaces by saying, “Pretend you are moving!”. Well, now I can also say, “Pretend you are out of a job!” Overall, from just a productivity standpoint, it was much less complicated and more stress-free to “manage a household” because one adult was always home. That in itself was a blessing.


  • It was easier to make decisions because there was less money (less choice)
  • We went through our budget with a fine tooth comb finding savings and decluttering the fat in our daily/monthly expenditures
  • Less funds meant we were home more since there wasn’t an abundance of “disposable income”, so guess what got done around the house?
    • The garage was cleaned out
    • The attic was reorganized
    • The laundry room was painted
    • The house was power washed
    • The Bose speakers that were still in their boxes were installed on our patio
    • Our home office was renovated, filing systems pruned and shelving rehung
  • We spent more time with our children
  • We had Staycations instead of Vacations
  • We always had an adult driver available for the teenage shuffling of activities
  • We were able to help neighbors through rough times by cooking them meals and taking them back and forth to the hospital and simply visiting them
  • We dined out much less, grilled more, ate better and healthier in general
  • We shopped less — only bought what we needed (but I can’t say we felt like we were missing out either)
  • We went for more walks with the dog and the children
  • Since I was the only one working, I could take on more POSSE clients while my husband sort of played Mr. Mom, therefore…
  • We had the perfect lawn and plants that stayed watered all summer!

Finally, it made me appreciate what truly matters — our relationships. It also skyrocketed my gratefulness for what we already own and take for granted. I feel indebted to my husband who has always been smart enough to live below our means and always padded the bank account for the “rainy days’ fund”, always hoping for the best in the economic world but preparing for the unknown.

He now has a new job which includes spontaneous travel so I am adjusting my POSSE hours so I can be with our teenagers every day after school and be available to them in the evening as a much needed Uber Driver and Guidance Counselor.