In October of 2015 I wrote about The Mass Distraction and Destruction of our time management that we are all dealing with in this digital day. One way I like to combat this myself is to have several “still” minutes in the morning and in the evening DAILY to stay grounded and sane.

Then ANNUALLY, at the beginning of January, I always love to do three things to my planner, goal sheet and filing system:

  1. Review to Reflect
  2. Refocus after Reflection
  3. Reorganize Based on #1 and #2


I encourage you to carve out an hour or more this month to sit and think... and even journal about your 2015. Our days and months wiz by. Center yourself in a comfortable chair and think deeply about all your accomplishments and events that have taken place. These will be either in or out of your control. Nonetheless, time marches on and you either did or didn’t make things happen to the best of your ability.

JM-organizingBe kind to yourself and grateful for the life experiences. You can do this exercise from a personal, professional or combined pair of eyes as you review your previous year’s planner and goal sheet. (If you used neither, no worries… start now for this year and simply look at your 2015 calendar to tickle your brain.)

As an example, I’d like to share a POSSE reflection. I did this review and reflection the weekend prior to POSSE’s 10th Anniversary Breakfast Bash. Without this exercise, we often don’t feel we are doing enough or getting where we want to be as quickly as we would all like. When we write our accomplishments on paper, we realize the facts, not the emotions and usually we’ve done a lot more than we believed we did.


POSSE 2005 POSSE 2015
1 Client Upwards of 100 Clients
4-Hour Workweek 40-Hour Workweek
Local Presentations Begin Regional/National Conferences
1 LLC 2 LLC’s
Residential Organizing Projects Whole Home De-Cluttering, Staging, Managing Moves

Here is an old photo of JM, walking her talk with it comes to reviewing files…

When I visually reviewed each side, I felt accomplished as opposed to being concerned I hadn’t done enough. Sure, I have had my dark moments and moodiness in the course of these years, but as I pondered the two sides above, I felt blessed to have the freedom (in America as well as in my marriage) in achieving an entrepreneurial dream to help women in their homes.

So I highly recommend you get out a beautiful journal or at least paper and pen or stylus and digital device and give yourself permission to walk down your annual memory lane and reflect so you can then refocus.


As you are reflecting, this exercise will purposely cause your mind to strategize on what you want to do next. It’s a simple case of knowing where you’ve been so you can figure out where you want to go next. I love this time of year because the review of your planner AND filing system (paper and digital) mindfully force your thoughts toward your future. I swear that when I go through my filing system it triggers tasks, thoughts and goals for my advancement. As I’m tweaking the filing system physically I begin to ponder my goals for the New Year and place the “To-Do’s” I’ve thought of in my 2016 planner answering my famous question, “If not now, when?”


2016_goalsNow that I’ve taken the time to reflect on my time, the time to review my files (personal and professional), I come to “rewrite” my goal sheet. I review my previous year’s goals and with my new focus I tweak them for 2016. I usually create at least one goal or mission statement for the following areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Family
  3. Personal
  4. Financial
  5. Business

Then I print them off my computer, put them in an acrylic stand and place them on my desk where I can see them every day. I’d like to tell you I then read them every day. I should, but sometimes I fall off the wagon. The good news is when I do feel overwhelmed and cluttered throughout the year, I go back to that acrylic stand and ask myself to take a breath and reread what I said I would do… AND if what I am currently doing does not roll up to one of my goals, it gets cut out of my life. I kid you not, that would be clutter if I left it in there…