In September of 2004, I stood in my kitchen trying to contemplate the next chapter of my life. I had two children under the age of five and I had promised myself and my husband that when they went to school I would go back to work. But what would I do? That was the big question only I could answer. So I prayed for three things in my next career:

  1. That I love it.
  2. That it would revolve around the priority of raising my children.
  3. That it would be prosperous.

A little time passed and my husband suggested the professional organizing industry to me. After some research I agreed that this was indeed a good fit. I said I couldn’t start until I had a name. I liked the PODS acronym, Portable On Demand Storage. I knew I wanted to use the words professional, organizing and either solutions or services. My brain took the POS and instantaneously I said, POSSE, Professional Organizing Solutions Serving Everyone. Believe me, this didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I taught country line dancing. It was all about reigning in the clutter. By fall of 2005, I had a lawyer and everything was legalized into an LLC.

This year, I tweaked the acronym a little to include, Professional Organizing Solutions Serving Every… Woman Who Wants to Sell or Dwell as I have made a niche out of helping women with whole house de-cluttering and organizing, whether my client is moving or aging in place.

I wake up grateful every day that I can earn a living by doing what I am passionate about. My jobs have gotten increasingly more challenging as well as rewarding since many of my clients are going through major life changes. They are often feeling the effects of loss as well as aging. It is hard work physically and emotionally but there is nothing better than hearing a trusted client say, “Jean Marie, you are the best gift that my children ever gave me” or “I don’t know how I ever would have done this without you”.

One decade later I know that this was the talent God gave me, so now I share it and teach it and I am looking forward to the next 10 years.