I remember watching the movie Fatal Attraction. I thought it was very scary and that it taught me don’t ever have an extramarital affair! Nowadays what scares me as a professional organizer and a mother and wife, is the amount of time people are on their devices outside of work.

All these phones, tablets, computers and televisions can become electronic pacifiers and many people are not able to break the “Binky” habit. You don’t have to go far on the internet to see studies showing how our “screen sucking”  is negatively impacting our happiness, relationships and sleep.

The good news is that digital detox is available to us all with some basic steps to ward off the information overload. Here is some “sixth sense” advice:

  1. Because of the amount of stimulation everywhere, try to limit the number of times your little black screens “talk to you.” Since we are all multi-tasking with several devices in hand, turn off all the alerts and sounds on your devices.
  2. Schedule your emails, texts, social media and tv shows to when you want to “look and do” these tasks. Don’t allow everyone to be able to interrupt you.
  3. When you are with family, be just with family. Have an “electronic valet” in your home — a place where everyone deposits their phones while meals are being served or any other precious family times. Additionally, limit the amount of time children are allowed to have their electronic tools “on”.
  4. If you are out and about with people, turn your devices off and spend time looking in their eyes and listening to what they are saying.
  5. Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock and do not keep your phone in your bedroom. The bedroom is for sleeping. Unless you have someone in the hospital, do not keep your phone there.
  6. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before you want to turn in. This will give your brain an opportunity to digest the day and not have bad dreams about what negative news you watched before your head hits the pillow.