This summer I experienced another death in my immediate family. That makes three close relationships gone in one year. A Lot for my brain, heart and body to adjust to. I tell you this because sometimes life hands us events beyond our control but what we can control or at least sway and often minimize is the stressful impact with the right techniques.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to my friend, colleague and client, Melissa Canter. A former Wall Street Warrior turned MindBody Motivator, Melissa teaches yoga, qigong, mindfulness and meditation to individuals and corporate clients around the world. Do not get fooled by the world “yoga”. Before Melissa, I thought a yogi was someone in the woods who looked for forest fires.

Melissa and JM hiking.

Melissa and JM hiking.

Melissa and I met over a decade ago when we were both members of Adventures for Women, an all-women’s hiking club. We had both recently given up the corporate world. She had been one of the first women on Wall Street to have the good fortune and the good smarts to save her money and retire early. I had left the hospitality industry to start a family. We were both looking to discover our next life, slowly discovering our “passion and purpose.”

Fast forward to 2015. We both delight in helping people, we teach a life-skill, and I’ve learned, we actually do the same thing, only differently. Let me explain… because what I am getting at here in this article is that everyone should employ the methods she uses to decompress the daily struggles of life.

De-Clutter and Discharge

As a business, POSSE helps her clients de-clutter their spaces, paper and time while MC helps her clients de-clutter their minds and bodies. We are both in the plumbing profession, I unclog homes and she unclogs feelings. I clear the clutter with the sorting, selecting, purging and organizing and she uses breath work, movement, imagery and meditation amongst lots of other techniques.

Purge and Release

We are also in the purging profession. When someone asks my husband what I do for a living, he’ll often say, “JM helps people make and get rid of garbage”. That makes me laugh, but the truth is I do tend to make lots of purging piles on behalf of my clients (as well as donate, sell and recycling piles…) which is the physical evidence that someone is “editing” or “refining” her/his possessions. Similarly, a professional such as MC is helping people purge too — only it comes more in the forms of: bad relationships, hard feelings, illnesses, anxieties etc. — instead of contractor bags full of refuse.

When a person is getting organized, a major component is releasing the chaos from his/her space. MC has success in getting a person’s body to release clutter in the physical body, mind and spirit. There is a cleansing of toxins that disappears during her sessions. I have experienced this myself and visually seen it happen to others in her group classes.

The neat thing is that Melissa instructs her students based on the latest scientific evidence. She’ll explain to her clients exactly what technique is releasing a certain muscle or hormone that is based on our physiology and neuroscience. From a medical and logical perspective she educates one on how tension and stress affect us all and how to “let go” of it.


Melissa’s teaching style is way beyond yoga fitness. On her homepage it states that she is an expert on “stress relief and the power of reinvention”. I agree and I hope that is what my clients feel when they are done with an organizing project with POSSE.

yogaMany people say that the kind of work yoga, qigong, meditation and the like are to “woo woo” and truthfully I used to be one of them. But I realized that I could not keep up the frantic pace and productivity without utilizing many of my yogi’s strategies. They keep me balanced and rested so I can feel rejuvenated.

Much of today’s self-help wisdom is scientifically proven as a skill set to help us deal with the stress and pressure that we are all facing today. So I don’t care if my kids laugh at me when they see me grab my yoga mat or sit in my cushy yellow chair for a few minutes of breathing, meditation or to look over my affirmation cards or vision board. It’s all part of the de-cluttering process to me.

Now go and find yourself a “decompression specialist” and learn how to clear your mind, body and spirit.