For many people, summer starts a new chapter in a child’s life because something has ended… such as a grade, a school, maybe even a job. But before the tides of the ocean sweep you and your family away into vacation mode, take the time to rid your home of the now “closed chapter” so when you return from your dreamy days of summer you have room for the new “stuff” in September.

full_backpackThis is an important organizing skill — the purge. It is a necessary part of bringing closure to the “things” that are no longer part of one’s life and should not be taking up space in the household.

As a professional organizer, I obviously see a lot of clutter. Often some of the untidiness can be due to family residents not taking the time to let go of the stuff they are done using (forever). So… have a “Pitch-It Party” and have one every summer.

Is your home chock-full of items from days gone by? Use the summer months to walk down memory lane with “leftover” possessions. It doesn’t always have to be an after school situation either. Do you still have those sand toys in the garage from the toddler days but your teenagers are bringing their iPhones to the shore instead? Time to pitch…

For example, I might go into my client’s spare bedrooms which have an overabundance of items from adult children now living a grown-up life in another state. Or, it could be a high school student who can no longer squeeze into her bedroom because all her elementary and middle school days are still present on her dresser, under her bed and in her closet. They all forgot to have a “Pitch-It Party” when June ended each school year.

So if some of your rooms, closets or dressers are full of papers, projects, notebooks, textbooks, partially used supplies, music, movies, outdated electronics, trophies, shot glasses, outgrown or non-used clothing and maybe even dorm room furniture, it’s time to purge. And it you need some “hand-holding” in order to get it done, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 201-406-9643. I’m happy to help.


Something like this cart from Target is perfect for sorting and storing your children's projects and memorabilia by grade.

Something like this cart from Target is perfect for sorting and storing your children’s projects and memorabilia by grade.

Do not let this fall sneak up on you without hosting a Pitch-It Party in your house. If you skip this investment of time:

  • You might lose the ability to teach your children this skill-set.
  • You and your children will not have an opportunity to properly take care of study materials that should be reviewed and memorabilia that should be properly archived.
  • You’ll have a harder time cleaning your home; these items will collect dust and dirt on floors and in precious drawer space.
  • Things that might be treasured might start to deteriorate if not taking care of properly.
  • You’ll waste money buying new school/office supplies that you could have re-purposed from the previous school year.
  • You’ll feel guilty that you did not do this and it will weigh on your mind as an open “To Do” item on your never-ending list.