Recently, my Northern New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) held a “field trip” at Nye & Co. in Bloomfield. I wanted to share my first experience at this auction house with you my readers. I have a secret — until recently, none of POSSE’s clients had ever inquired about this type of selling their home contents before.

posse-at_auction This auction house was an interesting place to visit and learn about with its 20,000 square foot showroom. John and Kathleen Nye, the owners, gave us organizers a personal welcome followed by an informative talk on how the concept of selling and buying in such an establishment works especially in this Internet Age.

So here is what I think you should know if you want to dispose of a relative’s or your own stately possessions by way of an auction house:

  • Anybody can do this. It might be a person involved in a trust, estate planning, moving, downsizing etc. or your average person who might own something of value. A good auction house will consult you in the right “selling or disposing” direction because not everything should go to auction.
  • The advantage of utilizing an auction house opens one up to selling things worldwide on the Internet giving the seller the best price possible whereas a house sale would be for more utilitarian items that need to sell quickly.
  • Fees are flexible and “Contracts are a Conversation” says Kathy Nye. There is a whole auction lingo that she is happy to simplify for customers.
  • nye-1When choosing an auction house, one should look for a business with repeat and referral customers that gives a hand-holding approach and can consult you properly and honestly on where to sell your items.
  • Few auctions are “live” anymore. Nye & Co. uses a site called igavel, but what I liked about Nye was even though the auction process is online and not physically “live”, you can visit the showroom to see each piece if you like, and they also do bidding on telephones for dinosaurs such as myself!
  • Just because something is ugly doesn’t mean it might not be valuable. Whether you like it or not, it just might be worth something.

POSSE is usually all about helping clients “let go” of their possessions, but I have to say, besides selling unique, historical, artistic and valuable objects, this is a terrific venue for buying “treasures” that might fit perfectly into one’s space, especially since many of these pieces are great for storage and style.

Nye’s monthly auctions are well attended by antique dealers, collectors, decorators and homeowners and their extensive advertising and online presence attracts additional bidders by email and phone. Each object offered for sale is photographed and listed in their full-color online catalog on their website.


If you are just curious about some items in your home, try their Free Appraisal Mondays where you can bring up to three items between 10am and 2pm and have their professional appraisers let you know the value.

John Nye is an expert appraiser that regularly appears on PBS’s series, Antiques Roadshow. Check your local listing for show times. Also, follow this link to see John’s past appraisals on the show! Click here.