I accidentally said this recently, “It’s a hop, skip and a junk…” Of course what I meant to say was, “It’s a hop, skip and a jump away” — but junk was what came out of my mouth. Then I thought to myself that when it comes to rapidly organizing a house often hiring a junk removal company is the way to go.

I’ve been in client situations where we’ve cleaned out huge portions of clutter in less than four hours for under $700 and every one of my clients reported that it was a great investment, an incredible time saver and the psychological lift that they needed to get their home back in shape.

old_chairI’m not suggesting you throw out things that have value (sentimental or financial), but if your home is full of items that justly need to go to the garbage such as old hoses, overly-loved stuffed animals, scratched up artwork, heavily faded curtains, school papers from days gone, chipped and cracked plates, appliances that don’t work, construction material that’s moldy, televisions that are not flat screens, etc…. then consider the hassle factor. This even includes “old brown furniture”, the kind of furniture that donation centers aren’t even collecting any more. Don’t worry that you are sending items to the landfill that do not need to be buried because a reputable junk service does recycle first.

If you do follow my suggestion, make sure you’ve thoroughly checked through the debris for any treasures, such as money and jewelry. Hopefully, you didn’t hide these kinds of things in your “stuff” but many people do!

And if you need a recommendation for a reputable junk company, please don’t hesitate to call me at 201-406-9643.

Basement - Before

Basement – Before

Basement - After

Basement – After







Pictured above is one of my typical basement clean-outs for a client of mine who lost her mom. My client lived in Florida and did not have the time nor energy to wade through what appeared to be mostly junk because she did not want any of her mother’s things that had definitely been through their life cycle. We pulled out the important stuff and then I called the junk company…